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The 10 Best Food Instagram Accounts to Follow


One of my best friend’s and her roommate started an instagram account dedicated to their foodie excursions. These girls don’t play around when it comes to their palates and would much rather snap pictures of Truffle Mac and Cheese then selfies. Upon following their account, Instagram began to recommend similar people to follow. Thus a door opened of mouth watering pictures featuring some of the most beautiful #foodporn I have ever seen.

I totally understand that looking at food pales in comparison to actually eating food, but let me tell you this, I would rather get lost in photographs of soup dumplings, burritos, pizza, and ice cream then Kylie Jenner’s (“alleged”) lip injections and Kim Kardashian’s oiled up ass.

HUNGRYBETCHES (@hungrybetches)

These ladies have some of the most outrageous food posts I have ever feasted my eyes on. No one, and I mean no one, does frozen yogurt like this account. They are known for layering food  with one amazing ingredient after the other, whether it’s burgers, bagels, or french toast (as seen below). image (1)

Food Baby (@foodbabyny)

What’s better than great food and a really cute baby? Not much. Unless you want to throw a puppy in the picture. image (3)

Everything_Bagels (@everything_bagels)

The account name says it all. It’s all bagels, all the time. Breakfast bagels, lunch bagels, dinner bagels, dessert bagels (yes, that’s a thing). I have been known to get lost scrolling through pictures of my favorite carbohydrates on numerous occasions.


The Infatuation (@infatuation)

The Infatuation has been on a steady rise for the past few months and for good reason! They are super interactive with followers and show delicious food from all over the country! Judging by the list, you may be thinking I’m biased to New York City accounts (and you’d be correct). However, The Infatuation doesn’t discriminate when it comes to region.

image (2)

NYC Food Gals (@nycfoodgals)

NYC Food Gals is one of the first NYC based accounts I followed. I found it really great that both account owners are just regular girls/roommates chewing their way through the city. They also have merchandise! Sometimes they deviate from food posts and upload funny gifs or sayings.

image (7)

Food Beast (@foodbeast)

If you’re on a diet, this isn’t the account for you. There’s not too many “healthy alternatives,” and the picture below is sheer, glorious, juicy proof of that. Seriously, is that not one of the most beautiful cheeseburgers you’ve ever seen?

image (5)


This account is similar to NYC Food Gals, but only ran by one girl. You may find it useless to follow ANOTHER NYC account but…you’re wrong. It’s a BIG city. With THOUSANDS of places to eat. Consider these accounts free culinary guides. Plus, check out that French Fry Pizza below (hello gorgeous, where have you been all of my life?)

image (8)


This account is fantastic for you gluten free folk. I was hesitant to follow at first, because I LOVE me some bread but oddly enough the dishes are equally as desirable without it. Now if the account were NOCHEESE, I definitely wouldn’t be following, but as you can see below, that isn’t the case.

image (6)

Hot Girls Eating Pizza (hotgirlseatingpizza)

While the only food they feature is pizza, it’s still definitely worth a follow. Who doesn’t like pizza? Who doesn’t like hot girls? No one. That’s who.

image (4)

Foodintheair (@foodintheair)

The concept for this account is pretty straightforward, take drool-worthy food, hold it up against a nice natural backdrop and vuala! A picture deserving of thousands of likes. The nachos below have been haunting my dreams for days. I really want them in my mouth.

image (9)

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