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5 Commandments for Dating a Guy Who Travels A Lot

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Dating a guy who travels a lot isn’t easy. You’re never quite sure when you will see him next, and sometimes you can’t help but wonder what he’s up to while abroad. As communication is key in the beginning of a relationship, the lack thereof due to his travels can be really frustrating. If you’re unable to join him on his next adventure, or perhaps not interested in sharing such tight quarters so soon, don’t fret. Follow these ten commandments to maintain your relationship with your jet-setter crush:

Thou Shalt Not Make Any Promises

It’s important not to make any promises while dating someone you don’t see often. It’s very possible that you will meet someone else while he’s away, and if you’ve already promised yourself to him—it won’t be pretty upon his return. Vice versa, of course,

Thou Shalt Not Judge

Try not to judge him for his love of travel, or assume he’s not prioritizing you. Travel can be, to some, a necessary means of happiness. This doesn’t mean you don’t make him happy, it just means you may soon be packing your bags alongside his.

Thou Shalt Always Communicate When Possible

When you’re trying to maintain a relationship that is often long-distance, you must value the importance of communication. Schedule times to talk so you don’t miss each other’s phone calls. Let him know what’s going on in your own life, and listen when he tells you about his latest adventure. Share in the excitement.

Honour Thy Traveler

It’s not every day that you meet someone well-traveled. So honor the fact that this person has seen the world, gained countless views, irreplaceable knowledge, thousands of photographs and unforgettable experiences—and he wants to share them with you.

Remember His Return Day

If you really like this guy, and he seems to feel the same way about you—why not surprise him at the airport?! Or if you’re not there yet, be sure to mark the date of his return on your calendar. Not only will it give you something to look forward to as you suffer through the days away from each other, but it will also show how much you value his presence. Perhaps he’ll wait a little longer before leaving next time, or surprise you with a plane ticket.


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