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10 Destinations for the Perfect “Bae-cation”

It’s spring, which means vacation season is upon us. From 18-year-olds venturing to Mexico to drink legally to old people going on cruises, it seems everyone is packing up and heading to their favorite spots. If you’re happily taken, it’s the perfect time to start planning a romantic getaway with your boo. There’s nothing better than staying in a beautiful hotel (or AirBnb, it’s 2018) with your bae.

The question is, where should you go? Obviously this depends on budget, weather preferences, and what you like to do together. There are some places, though, that kind of work for everybody. I’ve searched far and wide for 10 awesome vacations, from the mountains to the coast.

You’re all here for the picture, right? I’ll stop rambling. Here are 10 destinations that would all make for a dream “bae-cation”:

Cinque Terre, Italy

You’ve probably seen this picturesque seaside destination on a few college student’s Instagrams by now. This collection of five quaint, colorful, cliffside villages offer more than just a pretty picture. You can hike along paths, walk through small villages, and just take everything in. There’s no way to travel by car in these tiny towns, and that’s kind of its entire appeal. Take in the brightly colored homes, the lemon trees, and the delicious seafood. Drink wine and relax in between the exercise you get from all the hiking. If you’re a more lazy couple, the towns are all easily accessible by train and four out of the five are available by tourist ferry. The dead of summer can get pretty swamped with visitors, so if you’re looking for an isolated stay, try going in the fall or spring before things get too hectic.

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Napa Valley, California (And a Budget-Friendly Alternative)

This one is extra #basic, but if you and your bae’s favorite activity is to get lit (or just like, chill with a nice glass of red, whatever), then you’ll love touring around the United State’s infamous wine country. The Napa Valley Wine Train is a vintage transport that runs through the valley containing literally hundreds of vineyards. If you’re on a budget, I’d highly suggest Charlottesville,VA as an alternative (no, seriously). As a UVA grad, I’m a bit biased, but this town is up-and-coming as far as a Virginia wine destination. Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Charlottesville is pretty, cheap, and while it doesn’t quite have hundreds of wineries, there are dozens to choose from.

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Pippin Hill Farm and Vineyards

Telluride, Colorado

This one’s for the active couples. If you love to ski, snowboard, or any other kind of winter sport, Telluride is a great option for winter. However, Telluride has plenty to offer in warmer weather, too. Hike beautiful trails such as Bridal Veil Falls, Mount Sneffels, and Red Mountain Pass. More extreme couples can head to Ophir Pass (about 15 miles outside the city) and do some serious off-roading while taking in some awe-inspiring views of the San Juan Mountains.  If you’re interested in the history of this former mining town, you can peruse the Telluride Historical Museum. The village has an old west feel, but don’t let that fool you: there are plenty of nice restaurants for date night or just to grab happy hour drinks.

Bora Bora, French Polynesia

I mean, who doesn’t want to go to Bora Bora? The island is absolutely gorgeous, surround by a turquoise lagoon that goes against my entire idea of nature. The waters are protected by a coral reef, making it an ideal place to go scuba diving. The area also caters to couples, with luxury resorts and bungalows framing the impossibly-hued waters. Bora Bora is so beautiful it’s used as desktop backgrounds. This is the destination for beach bums who just want to lay on the white sands, snorkel, and enjoy each other’s company (and a drink or two).


New Orleans, Louisiana

Not every couple wants to feel secluded, even on a baecation. Urbanites will enjoy viewing this southern city, known for its history, liveliness, jazz, and lots and lots of partying. You can literally hire a parade to follow you around if you want to. Skip out on Mardi Gras and go when the city is less filled with puking college kids. Enjoy drinking, live music, dancing, and taking in the history of the town with your S/O. Don’t forget to eat beignets, drink hurricanes, and leave your worries behind. Warning: this might not be the best vacation if all you want to do is relax!


Gatlinburg, Tennessee

I know that the town of Gatlinburg might like odd on a list among greats like Bora Bora, but hear me out. Couples who want to have a romantic cabin getaway will fall in love with Gatlingburg. The town is teeming with beautiful cabins that help you feel secluded in the best way. You don’t need to just hole up inside all day, though: the area offers fishing, hiking, and even an ATV tour. Those who are less into the outdoors should visit the charming town, which has restaurants, bars, arts, theatre, and even its own theme park. Drinkers can taste local liquors on a distillery tour (warning: moonshine might be involved).

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Bali, Indonesia

This Indonesian island is breathtaking, but what makes it special is its deep spirituality. Couples who love yoga and meditation or are interested in learning about Hinduism can go on retreats or simply tour one of the many ancient temples in the beautiful area. The world is your oyster in Bali: there are hopping beach bars, calm, quiet temples, yoga retreats, and luxury resorts. Bali, Indonesia is what you make of it, but no matter what, it’s beautiful.

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Oxford, England

This is another example of my slight bias, but here me out. The town is actually ridiculously picturesque, like something straight out of a novel. Which actually makes sense, because Harry Potter buffs might notice many of the schools look suspiciously similar to Hogwarts. That would be because many of the movies’ scenes were actually filmed there. Oxford is a great place to wander, exploring the university’s many campuses, walking along the river, and sample the plentiful amount of pubs in the area. Go punting and feel like you’re in an old romantic film with your partner. The town is only about 40 minutes away from London, so it’s easy to go explore the larger metropolis when you’ve exhausted the cuteness of Oxford (which would be difficult to actually do).

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Lake Titicaca, Peru

Okay, the immature child in me always wants to laugh at that name. You and your bae won’t be laughing at these amazing views at this lake, which is one of the largest in South America. Nestled between Peru and Bolivia, this body of water in the Andes Mountains is not only beautiful, but offers several amazing ruins to explore while you’re there. This one is perfect for the backpacking or eco-tourist couple, but as the popularity of the destination has risen, you can also stay on this lake in luxury.

Peru Hop

Prague, Czech Republic

For couples who love historic European cities but don’t want to feel too basic (ahem, looking at you, Paris). Prague is split by the Vltava River, but the real view in this city is its unique architecture. It’s also known as “the City of a Hundred Spires” due to its colorful Baroque buildings, and Gothic churches. Prague’s Old Town Square is the place to see, with a courtyard that’ll leave you speechless. Plus, it has a restaurant inside of a cave, which is just too badass for me to handle. This is the vacation for a couple who is tired of the usual sand and surf and wants to soak up culture instead.

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