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10 Differences Between Fuckboys and Boyfriends


It may seem difficult to draw a distinction between a fuckboy and a guy who is boyfriend material. If you don’t know a person well, it’s hard to really tell if a guy is a good one. However, there are subtle qualities about guys that you can spot to determine if they’re a fuckboy or not.


A fuckboy texts you for one reason and one reason only: sex. They’ll hit you up late at night wondering if you want to Netflix and chill or just come over. On the other hand, guys who are boyfriend material will text you all the time to talk about anything. They’ll be interested in what you’re doing, how you’re doing, and any other topic under the sun.


A fuckboy is always afraid of labels. They will never want to define your relationship, regardless of serious it seems or how long it’s been happening. However, a future boyfriend won’t be afraid to define the relationship. He’ll be ready to move to the next step when you are.


Fuckboys tend to avoid traditional dates. Their date of choice would be staying at your house or his house to watch movies. If you want a guy who is boyfriend material, find a guy who’s willing to take you out on a real date. Going out for coffee, dinner, or a fun activity not only seem way more fun that watching Netflix, but are also a good sign you’ve found a good guy.


You’re never really sure if your relationship with a fuckboy is exclusive or not. He always seems to have a lot of female friends, and is always secretive about who he’s texting. A guy who’s boyfriend material will be open about his other relationships and be more willing to settle down with only you.


Fuckboys will always lie. You’ll never have complete trust in him, because he will always be hiding shit from you and not telling you the truth. Future boyfriends, on the other hand, are different. They will be up front with you about what they’re doing and what they’re thinking.

Public Behavior

A fuckboy tends to avoid being with you in public. They won’t introduce you to his friends, they won’t take you out in public often, and when they do, they’ll pretend like you’re just friends. A guy who’s boyfriend material won’t be afraid to be with you in public, and will treat you the same inside the house as he does outside.


I don’t know why, but fuckboys always love nudes. They will most likely beg you to send them to him on multiple occasions. However, with future boyfriends, they’ll treat you with more respect and won’t ask you to send nudes. Instead, you’ll be willing to let him see your nudes in person.


When things get difficult in your life, fuckboys are the first to run. They’ll be there to have fun with you, but will never be there when you need emotional support. Guys who are boyfriend material will stick by your side through thick and thin and give you a shoulder to cry on, good advice, and emotional support.


A fuckboy avoids apologies at all costs. When he fucks up, he comes up with tons of excuses, maybe offering a pathetic half-apology. On the other hand, when a future boyfriend fucks up, he’ll immediately give you a sincere apology and ask for forgiveness.


Fuckboys will always make decisions with their own best interest in mind. That’s why you should never try to date a fuckboy. Relationships require compromise and compassion, so you need to think about more than just yourself. Guys who you should date won’t be selfish and will truly care about your feelings.

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