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10 Reasons You Should Judge a Girl by Her Dating Profile

Saying that you don’t want to be judged by your dating profile is the same thing is telling a professor you don’t want to be graded based on your performance. If that sounds harsh then you aren’t looking at it the right way. After all, we work within the parameters that we are given, and that includes dating profiles. Unless you meet someone by picking the same book at the same used book store and then fall in love you’re probably going to have a few run-ins with dating sites at some point or other. And as superficial as these profiles can be, they also can be very revealing. Here are a few things you might find on a girl’s dating profile that you can totally judge her by.

Too Many Sexual Pictures 

There is absolutely nothing wrong with sex. And judgement doesn’t always have to be cruel. Sometimes it can just be discerning. And if you aren’t looking for a casual hook up or something like that then you are better off swiping left on a girl who has too many pictures of herself scantily clad and making sex faces into the camera. She’s probably not looking for serious, and you are not looking for casual. It is doomed to fail from the start. On the other hand, if you ARE looking for casual that is often (not always!) a sign to look for.

All Pictures with Friends 

This is just straight up annoying. I judge a few things based on this. You are overly anxious to show off your social life. That reeks of desperation. Also, if every photo is of her with friends you have to wonder if she is scared being in a photo alone? Why? Is this girl a project? Again, maybe you are okay with somebody being a project but maybe you want something more simple. All I am saying is it is okay to judge, or even make some deductions based on a girl that seems allergic to solo shots.

No Pictures of Herself 

If all the girl’s pictures are of her dog, and cute memes then this is an automatic red flag. They may not be a bot or a serial killer or whatever, but best case scenario they are straight up strange. This is a theme here, but strange is okay. But again, if you do not want strange it is perfectly acceptable morally to weed someone out of the herd if they refuse to show themselves … on a dating site.

Only One Picture 

If you see a profile with only one picture that is even sketchier than having a bunch of pictures without the person in them. This is especially true if that one picture happens to be an exceptionally beautiful woman. Do not be tricked. This is most likely not even a real person, or, to be more specific, the picture of that girl is not who you’d chat with or go on a date with either.

Too Intense Bio 

Overly intense bios can mean a ton of things, but most of them point to somebody a bit maladjusted. They could be a genius, an amazing philosopher, or an introvert that doesn’t love to socialize. But just go in knowing they might be maladapted socially or psychologically or both. The reasoning is this: Either they understand that being too intense on a dating site is awkward and don’t care which means they enjoy being an outcast. Orrrr they don’t get that which means they are a bit screwy. They could be great. Just know that they are unique.

Zero Substance Bio 

On the other hand, if somebody puts way too much detail in their bio without any substance what so ever, you might be dealing with a space cadet or someone that is not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Why don’t they want to say anything about themselves? Are they uninteresting. We get it, you love Chinese and these 7 shows. But who the fuck are you?

No Bio At All 

This one is tricky. It is definitely a statement, that much is for sure. But unlike the above it is harder to deduce what kind of person they are based on this decision of theirs. One thing I will say is it gives you license to judge them entirely on their physical features. They kinda backed you into a corner on that front.

Too Much Self-Love 

The profile that makes me question: “why don’t you just go on a date with yourself if you are so damn fantastic?” There is nothing wrong with liking yourself and nothing wrong with self-love, but when a girls’s thoughts about herself seem to be verging more on self-adulation then mere self-love you might want to judge that. I’m charming, and beautiful and super smart and caring, and sympathetic, and insightful, and wise, and … just STFU. Maybe left swipe? Unless you’re into that.


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