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10 Reasons You Have to Live Without Your Significant Other Before You Get Married

Yes, most people live together before they get married. However, I recently spoke to someone who said that he was against living with his significant other before they were married. Well, they got married last year and he then told me that it was the hardest year of their respective lives. Why? Because they had no idea what they were getting themselves into.

If you’re marrying your significant other but you’ve never actually lived with them, I’m sorry to tell you, but you really have no idea who you’re marrying. There is nothing that will teach you more about a person than sharing the same space with them. Without that, you might as well marry a stranger.

Sure, you get to know each other on a surface level, but living with someone will open your eyes to every aspect of the person. So why do you need to live with someone before you get married?

You under what you’re signing up for

If you’re looking to get married, you need to know what you’re getting yourself into, right? Well living with someone beforehand is exactly that. You get to know all of their little habits, and they get to know yours. You know how to react to each other, you know what triggers the other person, and you know that person better than anyone else. Living with someone is the ultimate crystal ball to what your future is going to look like.

Your compatibility

Yes, you might get along when you’re just dating, but what about living together? If you really want to know if you two can get along, live together. Living together is going to show you how you can build a life together and how compatible you actually are. Instead of wasting your time guessing, just live with the person and figure it out.

You really get to know them

Like I said, there’s no better way to really get to know someone than by living with them. It’s no longer a surface level thing. You’ll get to know them so well that you’ll know you can’t go into the bathroom at a certain time because that’s the “poop time.” LOL, yes for real.

It’s basically like married life

Pretty much, just without the paperwork. You’re living together, you’re building a life together, you’re sharing all of yourself with another person, you’re putting your trust in them. If you want a glimpse into what married life looks like, just move in together. You’ll see the roles the other person takes on and if the relationship works for the both of you.

The sex is RIGHT THERE

Okay, this is going to sound stupid, but it’s true. When you’re not living together, you legit have to travel for sex. Whether it used to be at your house of theirs, you had to get your ass up and head on over, right? Well, now sex is a lot more convenient because the person is right there, all the time. What’s better than that?

Divorce is expensive

Listen to me, it’s better to move in with someone before you’re married and figure out whether it works or not than wait to get married then move in. Why? Because moving out is cheaper than a divorce. Case closed.

It unites you

When you move in with a significant other, it will force both of you to look at yourselves as a unite. You will start tackling things together whether it’s a big problem or something stupid like splitting up the chores. When you live with someone, you two become one and that’s necessary to have before you get married.

It’s commitment

Whether marriage is on the immediate agenda or not, living with someone is a commitment. It will prove to you that you’re both serious about one another and you want to see the relationship move forward. Moving in together is a big step, so make sure you’re ready for it.

It’s a test

What better way to test your relationship than by living together? It’s the ultimate “will this work out or won’t it” test. Living together will show you how you act as a couple. The bottom line is, when you live with someone, you’re always together. If you want to know if it’s going to work out, move in now.

There are no more games

Let’s say you and your partner are in a fight. If you’re not married and you’re not living together, it’s easy to go to your respective homes and sit there playing the “who’s going to call who first” game. Well, if you’re living together, there are no more games anymore. You can’t just get up and walk away. You have to be an adult and actually communicate with each other. Once the game fall to the side, you open up the pathway to real compatibility.


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