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10 Reasons You Should NEVER Listen to Anyone That Says “You Can’t”

In sight of your mission, trials and tribulations will arise even in the most unlikely of forms. It is inevitable so be prepared to face it. There will be people you have known for years, perhaps even your whole life that will think you’ve lost your touch, that will utter the very words that initially ignited most of us to fully follow through with this journey – “you can’t.”

In wake of these events stay focused. You’ve got to be mentally strong enough to carry on despite statements such as these, while using them as fuel in the most minimal of proportions, in effort that your mission does not become toxic. Remember that the most common reason people make these statements be not personal, but rather as a projection of fears which they carry within themselves. It’s all rather strange in that regard. We sometimes inspire the very people, who once spoke into existence notions of our inability, to muster up the courage to fight fears of their own. But that’s part of the purpose right? To inspire the aspiring.

Along the way let these 10 reasons remind you of why you should NEVER listen to anyone who says that you can’t accomplish that which you seek.

They Will Inhibit You from Following Through

I’m sure you’ve heard the sayings “time is of the essence,” “time is money,” or something of that regard. Allowing the negative words of another to put you into a state of fear will only keep you from furthering yourself both as a person and in your mission. Don’t allow them to halt your plans. Go after it, before it’s too late.

They Are Scared Themselves

And as for the critics, tell me I don’t get it,

Everybody can tell you how to do it, they never did it.”


“Already Home”

And there’s a reason they haven’t. Many of times people living in fear of climbing the ladder and falling, will project that which they fear most onto you.

There Are Bigger Things to Be Focused On

You’ve got a plan, a goal, and people you want to help through achieving that plan right? Are you really going to sit back and allow the negative words of someone else to keep you from doing so?

You are Giving Them Power Over You

Allowing someone to control your decisions based on negative opinions they may have, or even their set of beliefs, only ensures one thing – that you live the very same life they are. You are essentially giving them power over you, and control of the route your life take. Remember this is your life to live, and no one else. Go out and live it without the restraints of others.

Thank Me Later

No, I’m not referring to the album you listen to as your drown in your drunken sorrows. People do one of two things when seeing others setting out to achieve their goals, accomplishing that which they’ve worked tirelessly for. They either despise them with everything that they are (again, more than likely not due to personal issues, but rather sure to fear they are harboring within themselves) or they are inspired to push themselves even further than they have been. Growth promotes growth amongst the right crowd of people.

You’re Speaking an Unheard of Language

I’m sure you’ve figured this one out by now, but you’re breaking the status quo. Most people live in a life of contentment rather than fulfillment. This language you speak of chasing down goals, the journey, freedom – people may hear you, they may understand a few of the words you are saying, but it may be difficult for them to fully conceptualize it. This is not due to stupidity, nor being uneducated. I tend to believe this is rather due to fearing that which is difficult. Not chasing that which we consciously know could result in failure is so engrained in us from the earliest stages of life, that it nearly becomes as natural as breathing. We forget what the alter of the matter could bring. It’s a scary thought – many of us perceive ourselves as breathing, living our entire lives, but we’ve simply learned to suffocate slower.

You’re Completely Out of Your Mind

As stated earlier, to the individual who lives within the confines of contentment you may appear to have lost your mind. In reality you’re doing just the opposite. You’re finding yourself, and that journey entails forgetting everything which society has taught us to fear. Remind yourself, you’re redesigning yourself.

Protection Of Your Dream

Unfortunately, in the worst of scenarios, sometimes you have to temporarily or permanently disconnect yourself from the naysayers in efforts to protect your efforts to keep yourself on game. It’s simply a part of life. Perhaps in time that can be mended, but after you follow through with completion of your mission.


They are Always Watching.

You may not seek to be a role model of any kind, but know that in the eyes of the youth you are this person that has life a little more figured out than they do. Carrying through with what you say you’re going to will only provide them with all the more reason to do the same. However, imagine if you stop simply due to the negative comments of others. What happens then? Do you wallow in your frustrations due to never achieving your goals? Essentially spiral out of control having never achieved them? Or do you grow old telling the youth of what you wish you had done when you were younger? Be an example and follow through in effort that they do the same. Show them it CAN be done.


The Feeling of Freedom.

And the day came
When the risk it took to remain
Tightly closed in the bud
Was more painful
Than the risk it took to bloom
This is the Element Of Freedom

Alicia Keys

“The Element of Freedom”


What Alicia is illustrating here is the utter fear we experience when faced with the thought of failure. We so deeply desire “safety” that we do not make the attempt to fulfill our dreams. We thus hide our talents, our gifts, and are perpetually chained to this painful sensation of “what if.” Don’t allow others to push you into experiencing that type of pain. KEEP GOING. It is the only way you will experience the true sensation freedom.







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