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10 Signs It’s Time to Get Off Tinder


Tinder serves a great purpose when we are feeling lonely. Go on the app, swipe right on some people, and hope for the best. You could walk away with a new friend or even someone to hook up with.

However, just like with anything in this world, we could get tired of it quickly. You’ll run out of catchy lines to say, stop finding interests in the people you meet, and just want something else. Perhaps it’s time to delete your account.

It’s something single people always talk about and do, but somehow we always find our way back on the app. Some even switch to Bumble or Hinge and consider it different. An apple is still an apple whether it’s green or red. We need to listen to these signs when we see them because there is more to life than just swiping on Tinder.

When You See the Same Faces

Call it quits if you aren’t seeing new people. What is the point of looking for a date through faces you’ve already seen? Clearly there’s a disconnect and you’re not interested to see anyone from the list. Take a break and find something more productive to do.

When You Run Out of Swipes

Running out of swipes can happen when you’re feverishly swiping right on anyone you see. Do you not see the problem with that? Stop being so desperate for a match and get off the app. Some time out the house and with others could do you some good if this is how you spend your free time.

Not Finding Matches

Again, finding matches is the name of the game. If you haven’t found one match, perhaps switching up your profile may help. But this doesn’t mean you should resort to swiping anything in sight. Just enjoy a break from the app and seek real-life dates anyways.

After an Awful Date

Let’s say you do find a match on Tinder and set a date. If the date goes to shit, delete the app. I would never want anything to do with the app if that’s the kind of people you’re going to meet with. Perhaps it’s your fault for picking a bad person, but there’s only so much you can learn from profiles. Be smart about who you date and best of luck as you continue the search for the right date.

When in a New Relationship

Once you find someone, say goodbye to Tinder and all the other dating apps you may frequent. The whole point of apps is to find someone you can build a relationship with. Once the goal is accomplished, no need to stay on the apps. This will just lead to trouble and will inconvenience your new relationship.

You Think About the App Way Too Much

Stop thinking about Tinder so much. Your focus on online dating could become a bad habit and a tough one to beat. Give your focus to something else and see the dangers that could come from being on there all day long. It’s not good to obsess over things, especially when they don’t go our way. Get over that hump and see that Tinder is not as important as you think it is.

You Spend Too Much Time on Your Phone

When you’re on your phone all day long, this could lead to way more Tinder time too. We live in a world where everyone is plugged in and constantly scrolling through their phones. We need to find a balance in our technology use, and this includes how much time we spend on Tinder. If you notice you’re on your phone for 5 hours and spend 15 minutes each hour on Tinder, it’s definitely time for a break.

You Lie to Yourself

When you lie to yourself about your Tinder use, that’s a clear sign it’s time to log off. Don’t cover up your time on the app, especially when you tone it down to make yourself look better. Be honest with yourself and see that you need to build more self control. Don’t waste time in a virtual world when there’s so much you haven’t seen in reality.

You Over-schedule Yourself 

When you schedule three dates for a week, and even book two on the same day, that’s a sign. You’re spending too much time on Tinder and you’re not giving your dates any attention. Dating isn’t about how many people you date, but instead it’s about how many you build connections with. Don’t date just to date or brag to your friends, put meaning behind them. Free your schedule up and remember to date one person at a time.

When You Prefer Tinder Over Going Out

If you turn down a night of drinks with your pals to stay in and swipe, that’s a problem. Or even if you do go out but can’t manage to put the phone down, that’s clear sign to take a break. People don’t go to bars to be on Tinder. The bars ARE real-life Tinder so take advantage of the environment. We can’t lose our conversational skills because we choose to hide behind online profiles. Speak to people in public and see what dating used to be like a decade ago.

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