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10 Things That Everyone Regrets, So Don’t Worry

Ever seen anyone with a “No Regrets” tattoo? Those people always make me giggle. I get that you shouldn’t regret mistakes because you learn from them, but when you make the same mistakes over and over again, you are void of logic. We all have things that we panic about having done, but not to worry friend. We’re all a little regretful of one thing or another, so here’s your chance to take a breath and relax.


If you regret not taking a year off to travel before settling into your job, don’t. it’s never too late, and odds are you’ll get another opportunity. Remember that experience always trumps money, so if you get a chance to take a trip somewhere foreign, capitalize on it. Time is important, and traveling is the best way to spend your time.


Maybe you regret that you never learned Spanish, or your family’s native tongue when you were younger. Although the younger you are the easier it is to learn a language, it’s never too late to invest in Rosetta Stone or download Duolingo. The important thing is that you try.


Maybe you regret staying in a bad relationship, or maybe you regret leaving a good one. Either way, regretting it isn’t going to help you any. odds are you were young and had a lot to figure out. You’re not the only one worrying about such things, so leave the past in the past.

Your Body

The final tip from Zombieland holds true: A little sunscreen never hurt anybody. Whether it’s skin damage or excess weight, don’t think of your body as over. There’s always time to make yourself the kind of person you want to be, and we’re only 3 months deep into New Year’s resolutions so it’s not too late to jump back on that bandwagon!


Did you miss a concert because you were working? That’s a bummer. But think of it this way. You’re never going to regret going into the office, but you MIGHT regret not going to a show and having the opportunity to get called to sing on stage with the band and then throwing up because you’re so nervous and a little too drunk. THOSE are what go viral on YouTube. It’s okay to miss a show or too. But with a little planning and getting shift coverage, you can be making the memories of a lifetime.


Fear can stop us from doing life-altering experiences, like skydiving or getting married. Maybe your live wouldn’t be horrible without it, but do you want to be old and alone and suddenly wishing you had kids to carry on your legacy? These things you can prevent now, so it doesn’t hurt to think them over a little and save what you can.

Being Physical

Although we already mentioned your body, it’s important to stay physical not just for looks, but for health. As we age, our body wears down more and more, and exercise can help slow this decaying. A light walk can improve your health, mood, and energy level for the day, so maybe take a stroll around the block on your next lunch break.

Don’t Be Defined

Sometimes we get caught in things we think we can or cannot do. These are almost always false pretenses, and should be eradicated from your mind forthright! Don’t give yourself any limitations, because that will only hinder you from what you’re truly capable of.


Maybe you’re not happy with your job or you wish you hadn’t stayed at one for so long. Definitely use this hatred to fuel your fire in the future. Don’t get bogged down in a job that you hate. Keep your eyes open for new prospects, new opportunities, and new people. Launch yourself forward.


The last generation generally wishes they had gotten more degrees from school, so they make us go to school. Except now, degrees are a dying currency and people just want to see experience. When everyone has a degree, they become less valuable. If you don’t use your degree or wish you had a different major, it’s never to late to go back and take some classes to help further or strengthen your career.



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