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10 Things You Feel When You Watch Your Ex Fall in Love With Someone Else

After a break up, you’re expected to move on, because let’s be honest. Life goes on. And failing relationships are apart of life, and are to be expected.

But nothing can really prepare you for seeing the person you once loved, fall in love with someone else. And which ever way you might find out about it, it’ll come as a shock to you.

You might see it on social media, or here it through a friend, or maybe they’ll reach out to let you know about it, or you just happen to see them walking hand in hand on the street. No matter what you’re going to have some feeling on the matter, whether good or bad.


Usually the first feeling to hit is nostalgia, as all of the memories you shared with them, come rushing into your head. The memories might make you smile, or make you upset, but either way it’s going to create a bit of feeling of longing for the love you once had.

You might feel hurt, and could lead to some ill feelings

Seeing them happy with someone else, that isn’t you, might make you upset. You remember when they would smile and laugh with you, but you never imagined them doing that with someone else. But now you see it, and you might hope things for them might end out of spite.

You might feel a void growing inside you

As you remember how much space they took up in your life you realize, that now that their with someone else that void needs to be filled. You might reach out to family more, hang with friends, focus on work more, or just find hobbies, even start going on more dates. All of this a way to distract you from any feelings you might have.

You feel as if social media is out for you

Every time you check Instagram, a pic of them always seems to be the first thing on your news feed. And On Facebook their profile reads “in a relationship” overtime you check it. It feels like social media is out to get you, placing their relationship infant of your eyes where ever you go.

You feel heartbroken all over again

You find yourself listening to SZA and Drake more, just like you did when you first broke up. Knowing that the love they once gave you is now somebody else, can have you feeling a bit melancholy.

You might feel as if someone just robbed you of something that was precious and yours

You might feel like the new person, has taken from you the love that was promised to you at first. Or that your ex has taken away the love he gave you without your permission, and gave it up to someone else. All the nicknames and jokes were stripped from you and now shared with some other person. What what established you as the one they loved has all been taken from you, and you don’t have a say.

You feel as if all hope is lost

Any last sliver of hope you might of had of getting back together, seems to have evaporated. Maybe this whole time your ex never even considered it. So now your left to hold the burden of keeping that hope alive, or letting it extinguish.

You feel guilt, and regret

You start to think back to the arguments, and disagreements. What could you have done to make things better? Would it have changed the outcome? All these questions can lead you to feeling guilty, that the end of the relationship was your fault. You might regret not ever having done something to save it, leaving you with regret that you didn’t do enough.


After a while you will have to come to an understanding. Theres’s no single understanding which everyone comes to, but you will come to one that brings you some peace. Wether you realize that you just have to do better in your next relationship, or that your ex wasn’t the person for you and you weren’t meant for them. Life goes on, and all you can do is experience, and learn from those experiences.

You will feel a desire to do better for yourself

So they’ve moved on? Are you planning on just staying stagnate as they continue to move forward in life? Keep living, do the things that make you happy. Excel at everything that you do. At the end of the day you were in a relationship with yourself before you were in one with them. Love yourself, embrace your life, and keep moving forward.

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