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5 Things that Will Give You Positive Vibes this Fall

Even t-shirts are being produced with the slogan: “Positive Vibes Only.” There is a whole movement dedicated to releasing only the best energy, and it is so pure and necessary. With the state of the government, the country is in a panic and nothing seems to make sense. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to see the better part of some situations.

However, with fall coming up, there are some cool ways to have some positive vibes. Take advantage of the time before winter, and continue living before the snow comes. Fall activities are fun and will keep you sane for at least a few months.

Here’s how to keep calm:

Do Yoga

Do it! Yoga is an experience like no other. It’ll help you get into a meditative state and produce a sense of calmness. Outdoor yoga is always fun, and can be nice when the weather gets cooler. But indoor yoga is also acceptable. Attending one class a week at a gym is super convenient. Bring a friend! Or even do it together in the privacy of your own home. Yoga is a judgement-free zone and you’ll definitely be effected by the spread of positive vibes.

Light Candles and Watch Movies

A night in is always amazing. Get some fall-scented candles with fun names: Pumpkin spice, falling leaves, apple pie… they all go great for movie nights. Doing anything by candlelight is a good way to wind down and will definitely give good vibes. Especially when it leads to sex.

Take a Bubble Bath

A great way to settle a mood is by taking a bath. For many people, taking a bath is a rare occurrence and they can’t imagine having the time or patience. But try. A bath is soothing and will force you to take time into consideration and not take it for granted. You’ll enjoy being literally submerged in hot water, not the symbolic way you feel it at work.

Watch Videos of Dogs Jumping in Piles of Leaves

Dogs can get a smile on anyone’s face. Instead of jumping into a pile of leaves yourself, watch some dogs doing it. You’re sure to find some hilarious videos of pups having a ball in piles of leaves. It might even encourage you to film your own pup. It’ll give you both some bonding time and they’ll have a lot of fun.

Go to Brunch

Brunch is ALWAYS a good idea. Go with your S.O. or a friend you actually like and have fun. Bottomless brunches are usually the best way to go, and it’ll be the easiest way to have good vibes. If you’re brunching in Brooklyn, a good idea would be to stay on the peripheral of Williamsburg. Its still hip and a little less expensive because it’s not on Bedford Ave. Look for places that have brunch specials, as scoring a new deal is always amazing.

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