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10 Times You Shouldn’t Take Advice From Your Boys

Depending on your circle, and depending on who you are as well, you might not want to follow through on advice from your boys. We’re all different and have different opinions on matters, but you know some of your boys are a little out there.

Personally, I don’t take advice from much of anyone nor do I have enough people in my circle to form a circle (if that makes sense), but I know the mindset of the majority being that I am extremely analytical. I believe you should do what you want to do as you’re the only one that can live your life. No one can do it for you. But if you absolutely have to ask your boys specifically about a matter, there are plenty of times you absolutely shouldn’t even bother.

There are some things your boys just can’t give you the perspective you’re looking for on, some things they just haven’t grown up enough to even consider delivering advice on, and some things they would be the biggest of hypocrites to even speak on in the slightest. Not mention the whole “ideal masculinity” thing many “boys” feel they need to uphold – that holds the ability to get in the way of delivering proper advice at times in itself.

If you want advice I advise you seek it from someone older, someone who has experienced life rather than your boys. Also realize that no one knows you, or your situation, the way you do. Allow the advice to effect your decisions accordingly.

Family Issues

This one is probably a given. Family issues should be kept between family. There is no need to air dirty laundry, especially if your boy spends time hanging around your house and there is always family there. It only creates more tension, because naturally if they’re your boy they will become defensive of whomever opposes you – family or not, right or wrong.

When Picking A Partner

This one is kind of tricky. If they’re trying to warn you – eh maybe, but if you’re simply asking them of their opinion on another person as a whole remember that, that is often subjective and based upon qualities they find to be of importance. What they find to be of importance and what you believe is important can be two different things entirely.

Picking Out a Gift for Your Partner

Only you know what your significant other cherishes, what appeals to them. Your boys more than likely know next to nothing concerning them.

Disagreements in Your Relationship

Your boys know only what they see of your relationship but nothing of it in its entirety. They are also bias because as your friend they are naturally going to be on your side, even if in the slightest. It is a natural response. Don’t allow their opinions based on the little that they see sway your decisions on that you know entirely.

Planning a Surprise for Your Partner

We all have that one friend that can’t keep a secret for anything. Be careful in planning a surprise around those ones or even getting advice on how to plan it, being that they’ll accidentally slip up and ruin it.

Deciding Which Team to Bet On

Of course we can base off statistics, which team has the more probable likelihood of winning but don’t take your boys advice. There is always a chance they bet on the other team.

What to Buy

Your boys more than likely don’t care about your financial situation when the new J’s drop, nor when the new COD hits shelves. They’re still hyped up over the release of the product. Don’t let them hype you up to spend money you don’t have.

When to Become a Better You

Often when you decide to change your life for the better, those that aren’t ready to change themselves will see it as a method by which they will be cut out. Follow your intuition, and follow through on keeping them in your life if they are truly the right type of friend you seek.

How You Should React to Disrespect

As guys there is a natural impulse to react physically rather than thoroughly thinking matters through prior to reacting. Don’t allow your boys to hype you up and get you into a situation that could potentially land you in jail, no matter what they refer to you as after. As a matter of fact, if they were truly your boys they would only refer you to using that method under the most extreme of circumstances. Think first, and keep intelligence within your circle.

When to Pop the Question

Only you know when it’s right. Remember absolutely everyone has a different opinion on this matter. Some people are anxious, others are fearful. There are a wide range of different takes. This is a life changing decision. Follow though with your own intuition.

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