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10 TV Shows That Are Perfect Summer Binge Watching Material

Summer is the prime time for binge watching TV shows. What better way to escape the summer heat than coming home to some air conditioning and good TV? The summer is perfect for watching some light-hearted, funny shows as you wait for your dramas to return from summer hiatus.

Check them out:

New Girl

Jess finds herself alone and single in Los Angeles, and ends up living in a loft with three men. Jess and the three men become fast friends as they get themselves into hilarious situations. Jess being a super positive woman, Schmidt a Jewish womanizer, Winston a strong athlete, and Nick a lazy man all somehow live together.

How I Met Your Mother

Ted tells the story to his kids of how he met their mother and the shows takes you back to Ted’s single-days. Ted’s friends are also just looking for love as they all live their lives in New York City. Barney is the typical player when it comes to women, then there is Robin who Ted is in love with, and shows most adorable couple Marshall and Lily.


Ross, Monica, Rachel, Chandler, Joey, and Phoebe all live in New York City as they get themselves into crazy shenanigans. You will fall in love with the characters as they all show their distinct personalities. Ross being the boring one, Rachel the self-center one, Monica the neat-freak, Joey the womanizer, Chandler the funny one, and Phoebe the weird one.

The Office (U.S.)

This mock-documentary about a paper company in Pennsylvania is anything but boring. The amount of comedic talent in the office is insane as these short episodes will have you pissing yourself from laughing. The melting pot of people in the office lead to hilarious confrontations, events, and literally anything else.

Modern Family

So there is Jay who is married to Gloria and is step-father to her son, Manny. Then Jay has children of his own: Claire and Mitchell. Claire is married to Phil and has three kids: Hayley, Luke, and Alex. Mitchell is married to Cam and has an adopted daughter named Lily. Together this family produces comedic gold as the dysfunctional family deals with their issues.


Liza is 40 year-old pretending to be in her 20s to land her dream job. Now add the boss that is age appropriate and has the hots for her, her super hot young boyfriend, her best friend who knows her secret, and her work best friend. With all of that you have disaster waiting to happen.

Baby Daddy

Ben is in for a surprise when he finds his one-night stand resulted in a daughter that he is left to take care of alone. Luckily his brother Danny who is in the NHL, his best friend Riley, his mother, and his funny best friend Tucker are all there to help him raise Emma.

30 Rock

Liz Lemon is a writer for an NBC show that is wildly popular. The show follows her and everyone else in her work place as they deal with the crazy shit that goes on every day in their office. Alec Baldwin is stand-out funny in this show as his character Jack.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

A group of friends in Philadelphia own a pub as they struggle through life, especially relationships. They always seem to get themselves into funny, troublesome situations. Each episode you see them scheme their way out of whatever thing happened that week.

Young & Hungry

Gabby is a young chef who lands herself a dream job as a personal chef for a tech millionaire named Josh. They start their relationship with a drunken one night stand and from there deal with the ups and downs of their relationship. Alongside them are the house keeper, publicist, and Gabby’s best friend as everyone chimes into everyones personal problems.

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