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10 Types of Women You Should Always Swipe Right On

Tinder, Bumble and Hinge could all serve for some fantastic opportunities to meet fun dates. You’ll run into women you could go out with once, but if you’re lucky you may even find the person you’ll end up marrying.

Our profiles on these dating apps can do so much for us. We’ll run into different people based on what our profile displays. We don’t want to come off as too creepy or too perfect, but everyone’s got their own definition for what normal is. Anyways, the point is that we all have different reasons to swipe right or left on someone.

When we see certain women, we just know we have to swipe right on them. But what instinct leads to that decision? There’s plenty that we take into consideration, but these are some ideas that will usually lead to guys swiping right on the dating app of your choice.

Women With Cool Pets

If the first picture on her profile features a dog or a cool reptile, you’ve gotta swipe right. Cats are lame and should be enough to make you swipe left. But puppies are awesome and should motivate you to pursue the girl and make a date in hopes of meeting the dog. Could be a great way to break the ice and enough reason to swipe right!

Women Who Travel 

We must appreciate those women who post pictures of when they study abroad or even just went on a Euro trip for the hell of it. Everyone should be interested in traveling and it’s a great conversation starter. You can talk about where they went and you can also mention that you’ve been there as well. It’s funny how these locations across the Atlantic can bring people together on this side of the pond too.

Women Who Smile 

You can’t just swipe right on someone with a monotone face. There’s got to be a smile in some picture to make sure you’re swiping on an actual person. Nothing sucks more than seeing someone be bland on their profile. That just leads to wondering and guessing that the person is no fun in real life. Make sure you smile in your pictures and show that you’re a welcoming person, and not just someone on there for no reason.

Women You Find Attractive

It’s important to find someone you find attractive. Without sounding super shallow, we aren’t on Tinder and ignoring what people look like. If you’ve ever opened the application, more than half of the screen is the other person’s profile picture. If you can’t see yourself with them, save the time and swipe left. Just know that if you’re not getting any matches, perhaps you should be more open on who you’re swiping right and left on.

Women With Common Interests

You can tell a lot from someone based on their interests or what their biography section says. You find more to talk about when you’re interested in someone who watches the same shows or listens to the same music. For example, any The Office references or Drake lyrics will get an automatic swipe right from me. It’s fun to learn new things from other people, but it also serves as a great way to connect with similar minds on dating apps.

Women With No Group Pics

Nobody wants to go on these apps and see group pictures. That just makes the whole thing confusing and you don’t want to ask “which girl are you?” This could lead to a mess and a sure surprise when you get to the first date and see that Dianne isn’t who she said she was. But it serves for a great story for your friends, right? Save yourself some trouble and stick to women with no group pics at all.

Women With No Guy Pics

Similar to the last reason, nobody should swipe right on a girl who has a guy in her profile picture. Chances are she’s been inactive or she even met that guy on the app before. You don’t want to go on these apps and mess with someone’s relationship or be a third wheel, so again, stick to solo pic women only.

Women With Mutual Friends

You want to date someone that other people may know. They could tell you more about them and could help you see if there’s a chance for a match. If the thought of dating someone your friends know haunts you, perhaps you may want to skip this idea. However, we ask our friends for advice all the time so what makes this scenario any different? Swipe right and I wish you the best of luck.

Women With Food Pics

We all like to eat and we all enjoy pictures of food. Pizza, burgers and french fries are probably in the top three of most mentioned foods amongst millennials. Mozzarella sticks earned honorable mention. Anyways, we love to see new restaurants and they serve for great conversation starters. If she’s been to a place you’d like to go to, swipe right and ask her to go again. The date could be fun and if it wasn’t, at least you got a good meal out of it.

Women Who May Be Out of Your League

This could work to your advantage. Swipe right on someone no matter how hot or awesome you think they may be. You never know what could happen and she could be the girlfriend you longed for. It could be an awesome story to tell people how you met and you’ll never believe you got so lucky. Your friends won’t believe it either, but that’s what makes swiping right the best decision. Everyone enjoys bragging rights and when you get a fun date too, there are no losses in that scenario.


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