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10 Ways To Enjoy Spring Break As An Adult Who Has To Work

As the weather is becoming warmer each day, the inevitable craziness of spring break is around the corner. When I was a student, I remember how my friends and I were ecstatic about spring break because it provided us a much-needed relief, especially as assignments, papers, and finals were stressing us out and piling on us.

Although spring break has the stigma of being associated with drunken college students going wild, partying and raging on throughout the night, there are plenty of older people who do not have enough time or energy to get involved in serious debauchery. As we grow older and have adult responsibilities, the start of spring every year can serve a harsh reminder to those working jobs that we will seldom get spring breaks from here on out. Thus, as a result, the meaning of what constitutes a well-spent vacation changes.

However, everyone deserves a chance to take at least some time off to blow steam off from the daily grinds of their jobs. So, whenever you get to have a chance at spring break, even for one day, or two (basically the weekend), here are 10 ways you can enjoy spring break as an adult who has to work.


Just do nothing and relax

There is nothing more enjoyable than doing absolutely nothing while relaxing during the break given from work. This is the chance to chill out, meaning, wasting countless hours lying on the sofa with blankets, and watching a movie, or a show, while munching on chips and sweets. It also means sleeping until noon, or however much longer you want, and never changing out of your pajamas throughout the day, or surfing aimlessly without thought on the Internet. Basically, to bottom-line it, doing nothing as a means of getting relaxed is embracing being a lazy bum, and there’s nothing wrong with that when you’re on break.


Go out and get some vitamin D

Even though most people make use of their vacation time to be cooped up at their own homes as a way to relax their mind and body from adult responsibilities, there are those who don’t like being confined in a small space all the time. The purpose of spring break is utilizing the time that you will spend outside. Thus, going out and catching some sunlight is enjoyable as it not only makes you feel warm but, also, it makes you want to do outdoor activities. Furthermore, sunlight provides vitamin D to the minerals in your body which is crucial for healthy living.


Cook some new recipes

Without a doubt, there’s a correlation between food and happiness. Recently, I have found myself, when I have a free day, or two, enjoying cooking new recipes. Maybe it’s because of Gordon Ramsay’s cooking shows I’ve been watching lately but, there certainly is gratification when you try to act as though you are some renown chef who is about to cook some gourmet food. It’s always fun to try new things because of the adventure that comes with it. Besides, when you cook new recipes, the menu of each day throughout the week can become more fun and diverse.


Unwind yourself with a drink, or more

Having a glass of drink, or more is a surefire way of declaring to yourself that it’s high time for relaxation. Whenever I drink, I feel the tension in my body loosen up and the distracting noises in my mind starting to fade away. However, unwinding yourself with a drink does not mean going frenzy mode and getting absolutely drunk. It’s about appreciation, enjoying the smell, the texture, and the feel of the alcohol. Additionally, the same principle with cooking new recipes, there are many ways to concoct alcohol into delicious cocktails and whatnot, making it enjoyable even more!


Catch up on your readings

There are always multiple books people have that they had to hold off from reading for whatever reasons. One of the reasons for this is because of adult responsibilities which seldom gives free time to catch up on reading. I have always found reading to be soothing to the soul and enjoyable as it helps exercise my brain to be focused and sharp.


Take a hiking trip

Another way to enjoy spring break when you have a job is to plan and spend time, especially during weekends, taking hiking trips by yourself or with friends. Hiking is a great outdoor activity in which you can breathe in the smell of nature, see many beautiful sceneries, and have a picnic.  There’s nothing better than the feeling of being energized and revitalized when you are sweating and physically active while hiking.


Cleaning and organizing your home

Generally speaking, I don’t think people like to clean and organize their homes because, well, it takes a lot of time and effort. However, I think people have this kind of mentality only because they never have the time or make the time to commit to it. Nobody likes going back home from work to a garbage dumpster. Therefore, spring break is a perfect opportunity to do some spring cleaning. So, turn on your favorite music, podcast, or a show, and I guarantee you that cleaning and organizing your home will become more enjoyable.


Go to your favorite coffee shop

Personally, whenever I find myself having more free time during my spring break or vacation, I try to make it a habit of going to my favorite coffee shop to work on some personal projects. Working on personal projects are always fun but sometimes working on them at home doesn’t feel quite as right as when you work on them outside. There’s an unbelievable sensation of joy and inspiration you receive when you observe others going about their life and the scenery of the environment around you. Coffee shops are not the only ones! It could be your favorite diners, restaurants, bars, you name it.


Spending time with your loved ones

We all know that the best part about spending time with loved ones during the break is getting home-cooked meals, having laundry done for you, and living in a home which is always spectacularly clean. However, spending time with the family is invaluable, and as such, it’s always nice and delightful to catch up on with family members since the last time. Even better, with the advanced technologies we have today, we can video call them whenever we want!


Plan a small trip with a small group of friends

Just because others are flying to other countries, or across the country, for spring vacation doesn’t mean you and your friends can’t. Even for the weekend, a small getaway trip with a small group of friends is more enjoyable than sitting around at home and regretting not having gone at all. Unlike the past, a quick trip like this can further create a stronger bond with each other as well as make new and fun memories.

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