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10 Ways To Straight Up Feel Good This Year

We're feeling ourselves.

2018 is finally here and we all sigh with relief that the pains and sorrows of 2017 are very much behind us. If you think about it, we probably spend every New Year’s Day having this same thought and yet it repeats. I believe that having the best year ever is totally rooted on your intention for it. Just like with anything, our mindset is what directs our life and the sooner you can accept that, the better off you’ll be. Besides, you deserve to feel good this year, so why waste it being angry or feeling badly about yourself?

We can all agree that each person has their faults and we should make the effort to improve ourselves. That being said, you are pretty incredible and need to learn that in order to feel good on the inside, you have to put the work in. The art to feeling good is by exercising both your mind and your body. Because confidence and happiness has so much more to do with the intention than one would assume. There’s no such thing as being happy all of the sudden, it comes from working at it and trying. After some time of practicing this, you can become it without trying and it all starts with a decision. For 2018 make your decision to just straight up feel good, just be prepared to put the work in.


Just put on your favorite song or even a song from your childhood and dance your little heart out. Do it in your underwear or even do it naked, just make sure you are blasting the tunes and dancing like no one is watching; because no one is! Dancing is a great stress relief and just puts a smile on your face. Even the worst dancers can brighten their day with a little shimmy in the morning.

Skip work

Of course, we have to pay our bills but work can become such a stress in our lives that we become slaves to it. You don’t have to be a slave! Stop torturing yourself and call out one day. Sometimes a day of hooky is absolutely necessary to your mental health. You’ll realize that when you give yourself that little break, you can even improve at work.

Smile up a storm

Just by smiling even when you don’t feel like it can make your day better. It’s astounding how smiling can drastically improve your mood. Not only that, but smiling also makes others feel better. Smiles are contagious and just by showing off those pearly whites, you can make yourself and others around you happier.

Turn your phone off

When you are with someone, actually be with them. This world has become so disengaged with personal contact that it’s scary. Turn your off and be present and in the moment. Not everyone has to see the picture of the food you just ordered that most of us can’t afford; or even you can afford honestly. Disconnect from your phone so you can connect to others.

Stay away from social media

Social media makes people feel bad about themselves. Get the fuck off of it if you want to be happier. What other people think of you or your photos are none of your business.

Put on your favorite outfit

This is something material but it helps so much. Put on your favorite outfits and you’ll instantly feel confident. We always save those certain items for certain events but I say, screw it! Wear those looks to work, the supermarket, to the fucking gas station. When you feel good on the outside, it makes it easier to feel better on the inside; not because others will certainly compliment you but because you feel sexy.

Do something you’ve been putting off

You know how you’ve been saying you’re going to clear out your closet? Just get it done. Being productive can be difficult because you’re tired just from living every day but the effects can be amazing. There’s nothing better in this life than finally accomplishing something you’ve been putting off. That little task is completely off your radar and gives you some time to do what you really want to do; like sleep.


It’s going to be so hard but you have to get your ass up and get it moving! It will improve your physical being but also help your mental health. Health is more than just building muscle and having good blood pressure. You have to be mentally healthy to have a good life.

Eat the damn cake

And because you exercise, you can eat the slice of cake. You can’t feel guilty and you can’t complain. My aunt always says that if the food tasted good when you were eating it, you should never feel guilty about it. So if you enjoy a slice of cake on a Friday evening at home, you serve yourself the cake.

Compliment yourself

Again, feeling good is all about your mindset! You are sexy AF so tell yourself that every day. In fact, challenge yourself to only speak kindly to yourself; your life will be better for it.

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