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10 Ways To Tell If You And The Person You’re Dating Are On The Same Page Without Flat Out Asking Them

When you’re dating someone, sometimes you wonder where things are going. You can’t help but wonder if the two of you are even on the same page.

Do they still like you? Are they willing to make it official with you soon? Do they even see a future with you?

You could ask them these questions, but the fear of them reacting negatively to all these questions and expectations might scare them off. And you might really like this person so you don’t want to lose them. Well here are some ways to find out if you two are on the same page without flat-out asking them.

Social Media

Check social media to see what’s up. Do they make any references to you? Have any pictures of you or both of you posted? Do they tag you in pictures? When you tag them in photos do they leave the tag alone, or do they remove it? If they do post photos of you, tag you in pictures, and don’t remove tags of themselves from your photos then that means they’re serious about this relationship, or are at least serious enough to take it public which in today’s world is a pretty big deal. But if they don’t post photos, or don’t tag you in photos then they might not be ready to get into something serious right now. But if they go out of their way to un-tag themselves from your photo, that’s a red flag, and it might mean that they want to seem single, or they have someone else whom they may be pursuing or are already with. It might also mean that you take terrible photos, and they didn’t want to be tagged in it.

How They Present You To Friends

Usually you can tell how the other person feels about you and the relationship, when they introduce you to others. Do they introduce you as someone they’re dating or as ‘just a friend’? Do they stop holding your hand while around others, or do they continue to do it thoughtlessly? These are the indications of how the perceive this relationship and being with you.

Do They Open Up With You?

If they open up to you about personal things, it shows that they trust you, and see you as someone whom they can confide in. If they share not only their jokes and memes  but their feeling s and dreams, well they’re taking you and this relationship seriously.


Do they show you affection while outside? Or does it feel like you’re a just two friends hanging out? This doesn’t mean that if they’re not making out with you in public they don’t like you. But smaller acts like holding hands, playful nudges, and pushing your hair back can be an indicator of how they feel for you. When these tender acts come unexpectedly it shows how much they think of you.

Talks About The Future

Does the person you are dating discuss future plans with you? Usually if they bring up these conversations they feel as though there’s a chance you will be apart of their future. And if they ask your opinions, and incorporate you in their plans then they might be seriously considering starting a life with you one day.

Choice In Words

If they use romantic phrases and words with you then they see you in a light that is that of a girlfriend or boyfriend. Usually nicknames and cutesy talk are indicators of the sickness that is infatuation and later on love.


They’re availability can be an indicator of how much they like you. Even if they aren’t able to physically see you they can still reach out to you in other ways. If the reach out to you, or make time to spend together then they’re really interested in continuing things with you.

What Are The Dates Like

If you’re still going on dates…then that’s a good sign. But what are the dates like? It’s ok to go on some casual dates to the bar, or for a slice of pizza. But if they no longer attempt to do something romantic then they might not be trying to pursue anything to serious if it’s still early on in the relationship.

Get Close To Their Friends

Be nice to their friends, and get the inside scoop. And usually when you get along with their friends it helps the relationship in the long run with having their support.

Find Out Information On Their Past Relationships

Compare the stages of their past relationships with your’s. In his longest relationship he waited a month before inviting the girl to his house, has he made any moves to do the same. Did he introduce you to his friends after the fourth date like his last girlfriend. Learn from his past to understand where things are going now.

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