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10 Women Reveal What They Lie to Their Husbands About

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We recently wrote an article about everything men lie about. I went around asking 11 men what they lie to their wives about, and needless to say that article got a lot of backlash. Hey, don’t blame the messenger, people. Either way, it got me thinking, there’s no gender barrier when it comes to people lying. So, women must do just as much as it.

We went out and found 16 women to open up to us about what they lie to their husbands about.

While you would think the mens answer revolved a lot around sex while women’s focused more on intimacy, you’d be completely wrong. One thing I learned through this little experiment: men and women are basically exactly the same.


“That I think I settled for him and I wish I didn’t.” -Nicole, 26

“Orgasms. Orgasms all damn day long. I’ve never had an orgasm … with my husband.”-Maryanna, 33

“That I cook. I literally order in every single night and put it on a plate. Zero shame.” – Angela, 28

“That our son is his.”- Anonymous 

“That I don’t want a divorce because it’s all I ever think about.” – Annabelle, 32

“That I go to yoga ever Sunday when I’m actually going to see my yoga instructor who’s also my lover.”- Anonymous 

“That I slept with his brother three weeks before we got married. He knows that it happened, but he has no idea it was his brother.” -Maggie, 33

“That I enjoy being a wife because I actually fucking hate it.”-Karol, 28

“That I don’t want a divorce because it’s actually the only thing I’ve wanted for a year now.”- Marissa, 33

“That I’m happy.”- Chloe, 31


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