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Over 100 LGBTQ People In Azerbaijan Have Been Beaten And Arrested

Over 100 LGBTQ people have been rounded up, beaten, and tortured in Azerbaijan. Although homosexuality has been legal in Azerbaijan since 2000, according to the police, the arrests are part of an anti-prostitution campaign.

One Facebook user said,

“Human rights lawyers Yalchin Imanov and Nemat Karimli said they are ready to defend LGBT people who were subject to police violence, arrests and detention. They are members of the bar association and can represent them in criminal cases. Other lawyers (non-member of Bar) Tural Agayev and Samed Rahimli also offered help.”

Although the police claim that the arrests are due to anti-postitution campaigns, Azerbaijan neighbors Chechnya, where there were reports of over 100 gay men being arrested and sent to camps.

Is Azerbaijan following in Chechnya’s footsteps?

[via Twitter]

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