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10,000 Lied About Being at the Original Manchester Ariana Grande Concert Just to Score Free Tickets to the Benefit

Not cool.

Ariana Grande was performing a benefit concert dubbed “One Love Manchester” this past Sunday in Manchester, England. The concert was in response to the Manchester bombing that claims the lives of 22 people two weeks ago.

As it turns out, thousands of people submitted fake claims to get free tickets to the benefit concert. Apparently, Ticketmaster set aside 14,200 seats for original concert goers to attend for free, and sold an additional 35,000 tickets to raise money for the benefit.

Then, 10,000 people who didn’t attend the original concert were trying to get free tickets.

Ticketmaster said in a statement:

We have set aside tickets for the 14,200 people who were at the Ariana Grande concert to attend One Love Manchester for free. More than 25,000 people applied for them. Sadly, over 10,000 unscrupulous applications have been made.

At Ticketmaster we are doing everything we can – including extending today’s deadline – to ensure that tickets go to the actual fans and not the opportunists or touts who have also been applying for free tickets.

According to BBC, people start reselling tickets for an insanely high price.

This is what’s called people having no shame.

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