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This Wearable Device Keeps Track Of Heart Chemistry

This weird little device here can replace your heart monitor one day. Basically, this is the first wearable device that’s able to measure your electrical heart signals and your biochemical markers while you work out. It was developed by a team from the University of California San Diego, and it’s about to record an EKG and your lactate levels, which is awesome for when you’re working out, especially when it’s done at the same time. The circuitry in question is then printed onto a thin polyester sheet that has a chip on it that makes it Bluetooth capable, which is the thing you want when you want one of these.

Nature Communications has the story, where the team involved explained that the biggest difficulty with making something like this is making it so the signals involved can be transmitted without them interfering with each other. The device is small and thin, which means crossed signals is more likely since everything is packed onto a tiny device. They managed it, though, and the device proved itself through a series of tests. They used it during 30 minute workouts, and the sensor managed to provide heart rate data on roughly the same level as a regular heart rate monitor. Time will tell if they can make it do anything else.

[via Gizmodo]

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