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11 Cheap Date Idea If You And Your Bae Are Broke This Fall

All because you are broke, does not mean you cannot have a fun night with bae. Ideally everyone wants to spoil their bae, but sometimes money is tight and you need to be creative. Taking your bae to an expensive dinner, a show, and dessert is not the only way to have fun and be romantic together. There are plenty of cheaper, sometimes free, options out there for the two of you to enjoy.

Everyone wants to have fun when they go out, but when you don’t want to break the bank it almost seems as there is nothing fun to do. Well, you don’t have to spend a fortune to have fun, and there are some fun date ideas that are more affordable than you think. Here are 11 cheap date idea if you and your bae are broke this fall.

Apple/ Pumpkin Picking

I can feel the eye-roll from everyone due to how basic this is. But the reality is, this is an affordable way to have a nice date for you and bae. Girls get to dress in cute flannels and boots and take pictures to post, while guys get to eat apples and have fun together. This is a cheap win-win for any date, even if you don’t like doing it. It’s only a few bucks per person and you get to do something together, and that’s priceless.

Visit A Puppy Store

This one I’m sure is known, but for those who don’t know, you can play with puppies for free anytime you want. Playing with puppies might end up costing you money if you fall in love with one of those adorable pups, but overall is costs you nothing. You get to spend and afternoon awing at puppies with bae and fill the car ride home with talks of how you are getting a dog and what it’s name would be. Easy win on this one.

A Cheap Baseball Game

Baseball games are pretty cheap, even the Yankees have affordable tickets. Even though baseball can be boring if you are not a fan, a day/ night doing something together is always the ideal date. Sharing cheers, high fives, and excitement with bae is more important than the $12 beer you want. Don’t be too cheap, get a round and enjoy the $10 ticket for an exciting night.

The Boardwalk

If you live by a boardwalk, this is an ideal date night. It is free to get one, all the views are free, and anything you do is reasonably prices. Games are cheap, prizes are fun and the environment is romantic. Another easy win for bae to know you wanna be with them no matter what the cost… or lack there of.


A little competition can surprisingly be really fun. Even if you, or both of you, suck at bowling, the fact that you are both bad is worth the memories. Bowling usually have half-priced days or coupon days with one free game, so clip those coupons and break some pins with bae. It’ll hardly cost you anything, expect your pride if you lose.

Watch The Sunset/ Sunrise

Guess what, the sun is free and it’s ridiculously romantic.Watching the sunset/ sunrise can be a cap of a long day together that neither of you want to end. A literally free way to embrace every moment together and appreciate company as you stay up to watch the sun start the day.

Home-Cooked Meal

Way cheaper than going out to eat, and a hell of a lot more impressive. Girls love when their bae cooks for them, and guys as well, so this is something that may not be your favorite thing to do, but the gesture itself is worth more than the money for groceries. Being able to whip something up in the kitchen while your bae can relax on the couch enjoying time together is what home-cooked meals area all about.

Movie Date

You can either go to the movies, which is not too expensive, or watch something on Netflix. Make some popcorn, snuggle under a nice blanket, pour some wine and enjoy your free movie. Knowing you are willing to drop everything and watch a dumb movie with bae will win you more points than you ever imagined.


A good physical activity for both of you to enjoy. Enjoying nature, each other, and exercise is something we take for granted. Taking the trip together, getting sweaty and dirty is surprisingly fun to do with bae. You could see something crazy in nature, or you can just enjoy the whole experience, either way it is free and fun; get moving.

Mini Golfing

Another competition that is fun. This is my personal go to due to how simple it is, the fun you have and the people you see there. You either see families with cute kids, or people your own age doing the same thing, either way the smiling and fun is contagious. You’d be surprised how good your bae might be at mini golf, so be aware of this when you are betting on the outcome.

Board Game/ Video Game Night

Another free fun activity to do together in the comfort of your own home. Whether it is with other couples, friends or family, having game night can be one of the highlights of your week. Even if you lose, the fun you share cannot be matched. Even if you are video game people, playing Mario Kart all night can be more fun than an expensive dinner. You get to drink, play games with bae, and get caught cheating… sounds like fun to me.

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