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11 Men Get Real About Their Thoughts on Sexual Harassment

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for a month or so, you know that sexual harassment is one of the most talking about social issues right now. Between everyone from Harvey Weinstein to Jeremy Piven being accused of sexual harassment, it’s opened the world’s eye to the fact that this is a real issue.

Sexual harassment doesn’t just refer to women being harassed or assault, but all people, in every walk of life. The issue has sprung outrage among people all over the world, even those that have never shared their own stories of harassment.

So, in an attempt to hit the street and see what real people think about sexual harassment, we asked 11 men what they think about the issue.

“Sexual harassment is a touchy subject. It’s like a blurred line between what is and isn’t harassment. Is a sex joke considered sexual harassment? My general rule of thumb is if you have to question it, than it probably is.” -Neil, 29

“It’s pathetic. If someone says ‘no’ then just leave them alone. Otherwise not only are you a jerk, you’re a joke too.”-Toby, 32

“I was sexual harassed when I was younger and I can tell you that it’s the worst feeling in the world. It’s hopeless. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.”-Alex, 27

“If a woman says no to you, back off. If you don’t back off, I’m going to punch you in the face.”-George, 33

“It’s odd to me that someone would continue to make crude comments or innuendos when they know it makes a person uncomfortable. Really, do you not get the picture?”- Jake, 25

“Sexual harassment works both ways and it’s not just about women. I felt assaulted when a woman randomly groped me too.”-Noah, 22

“You can’t assume that you can do whatever you want just because you might have feelings for someone. If you want to find out how they feel about you, grow a pair and just ask.”-J.D.- 30

“Harassing someone, whether it’s sexual or not, is just plain wrong.”-Trevor, 35

“Sexual harassment is very different than rape and that’s what society has to understand. Yes, it’s disgusting, but alluding to wanting to sleep with someone is nowhere near the same and forcing yourself onto someone. Two polar opposites, really.”-Lenny, 24

“I was blamed for sexual harassment when I really didn’t sexually harass anyone. One of my co-workers who I was friends with outside the office as well was flirting with me and I mistook the signs and leaned in for a kiss. Safe to say it’s just easier to NEVER assume anything.”-Adam, 28

“Sexually harassing someone is disgusting. Get over the fact that someone doesn’t want you. No need to force yourself onto people because you’ve been rejected.”-Rafael, 30

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