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11 Reasons Lying Will Ruin Your Life

Stop lying to yourself!

Every single person in the world has told a lie or two in their life; hell, most of us have told thousands of lies. But, at which point do we decide where the boundary is for our relationship with the truth. It’s one thing to tell someone that you’re inviting them over for drinks and in reality it’s a surprise party for them, but it’s another thing to be constantly lying.

The list of ramifications for lying in life could probably take up more space than I have the energy to put to paper but the underlying truth is that lying can ultimately ruin your life. It’s not enough to say that you know how far to take it with your lying, you need to accept that it can affect your livelihood in ways you never could have imagined.


The second I tell my mom that I ate salad for dinner and not macaroni and cheese with a Snickers bar, I feel instantly guilty. Can you imagine telling a lie so deeply rooted that it could affect you so much you’re ridden with guilt? That shit happens to a lot of people so don’t be one of them. Living with guilt is painful and just plain sad.

You’ll develop a bad reputation

You don’t want to be that person that people don’t want to associate with because they worry about your intentions. Make it your mission to be someone that no one talks about negatively or with any question of yourself as a person.

You’ll lose people’s trust

People can’t trust you if they aren’t sure of your sincerity. How can anyone trust someone who fills other people’s ears with lies? It’s impossible to build a relationship with anyone if you can’t trust someone you’re surrounding yourself with.

Ruins your relationships

And because you don’t have trust, you lose your relationships. No one wants to be with a person who lies all the time. You can’t possibly know a person if all they do is mask truths with fabrications. There can’t be any relationship if people are constantly watching their backs because they don’t know if you’re going to stab them in it.

Ruins your self esteem

The fact that you’re lying at all is a sign that your self esteem is not that great; and lying only makes it worse. You become so entangled in lies you can’t help but hate the truth.

You’ll lose yourself

Differentiating between the truth and the lies can become murky for you and ultimately you’ll be destined for failure. You will become lost and most definitely lose yourself to the web of lies you created. Where is your identity if you’re so committed to being untruthful?

You could face legal issues

This is dramatic AF but you could go to prison for lying. It’s called perjury. Look it up.

You become inauthentic

Authenticity is so important for people to get from other people. No one wants to hang with a fake bitch. Be your true self and stop lying to help build a dishonest persona.

You’ll end up alone

At this point, your lies will leave you alone in this world. Without trust, without the relationships, you won’t have anyone left. Don’t isolate yourself to a life like this. You deserve more.

It can affect your health

Real shit, lying can affect your health in the same way stress affects your health. Don’t destroy your body because your mouth was too busy destroying your life.

It’s addictive

Lying has a tendency to repeat itself. It’s cyclic and addictive. Take the affects that lying has on your life as seriously as you do to drugs and alcohol; it can be just as addicting and life-altering.

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