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11 Ways to Convince Yourself to Get Up Again

Bad days happen. It’s a part of life, and we need to adjust accordingly to them. Life would be too easy without challenges. We are given challenges and we have the necessary skills to overcome anything. Let’s not beat ourselves up too much. We must get up instead of just staying down. That may be easier said than done. We don’t have to be losers. We can win if we want to, and this advice should fall on sound ears if this applies to you.

Do It For Those You Love 

We need to get up because others need us. We like to help people and we can’t do that when we are down. Whatever brought us down can’t keep us there forever. In fact, thinking of your loved ones can help you get better and see that things aren’t always bad.

Do It For Your Pride

Take pride in who you are. You don’t need to kick yourself and stay down. Remember who you are and cherish your values. We can’t continue to treat ourselves like shit. Raise your self-esteem and know that you matter. This will definitely help you get up from whatever knocked you down.

Get Your Revenge

You can’t just stay down. Get even! Seek to get your revenge against whomever or whatever put you down. Part of realizing your self-worth is noting that nobody should treat you like shit. Keep it calm of course, but let it be known you’re not a doormat.

Get Back Up and Get Your Money 

You can’t be sad and broke. Moping around won’t do your pockets any favors. If you lost your job, get back on the hunt. Fix up that resume and secure the bag. Setting up interviews after a loss like that can definitely bring your mood up.

Liquid Courage

Have a drink! Serve yourself a glass of your favorite whiskey or some fine wine. You deserve it after all you’ve been through. We face our problems eventually, but a little alcohol can definitely do no wrong. Drink responsibly and set some goals while you’re at it.

Set A “Confidence” Playlist

Like the song shared above, we find music to get us back up. There’s plenty of music out there to motivate you. Think of a gym playlist, except it’s for your personal motivation. For example, when I feel down, nothing gets me more motivated than a Drake song. He shines confidently in his music and it’s contagious to all listeners. In fact, check out this latest video and see how it’ll boost your self-confidence.

Others Have Done It

We all have our struggles and personal demons. You don’t see other people sitting around. We fight because we can. Seek success stories and find motivational books that can help you pursue happiness. We can’t let everyone advance and leave us in the dust. Get up and get what is yours.

Write It Out

Take a blank page and start planning. We can’t just do this blindly. We need to set a strategy or we won’t find progress. Look to get up from your problems with a list of ideas. This can help you tremendously and soon you’ll forget what held you down (especially if you had that drink).

Talk To Someone

We don’t have to fight everything alone. As mentioned before, this is a challenge everyone faces at some point. Speak to someone you trust and take their advice. We can’t fight battles on our own. It’s good to speak to someone and you’ll be back on your feet soon enough.

Treat Yourself

Get back out there! Just got out of a bad relationship? Hit the bar! We need to do what’s best for ourselves. Being sad and down is not good and will not deliver anything good. However, going out and having a good time will help us reorganize ourselves. We motivate ourselves through our actions, and being active will help us get up.


We get sad and we just sit around and do nothing. We cry and don’t find the power to get up and do anything. All we have to do is smile! Face yourself in the mirror and see who you are. Do you deserve to be in the dumps? The answer is always no. Give yourself a big smile and do what’s best for you. As Nike suggests, just do it.

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