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There’s an Augmented Reality Game that Uses Your House as the Setting of a Horror Film

If Pokémon Go is way too childish or tame, then Night Terrors is the augmented reality game for you.

Night Terrors is an augmented reality style horror game designed to play on your phone. Using your home as a backdrop, the game uses a system that understands where you are in your environment, and is able to exploit that information in order to create an unbelievable augmented reality experience.

According to the game’s creators, “We’ve built a system that understands where the walls, ceiling and floors exist, making the ghost placement much more realistic and believable to the player using feature totally new to augmented reality experiences on mobile devices.”

This game is designed to make you shit your pants. Combining practical effects with mapping technology, the  game is designed to be played in the dark as you wear your headphones, with only the light of your phone guiding you through the house. Check out an example of the gameplay in the video, below.

The creators are hoping to release the game just in time for this year’s Halloween season. If you have think you the balls, and want to pre-order the game, check out their Indiegogo campaign, here.

[Via IGN]

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