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Maybe You Should Actually Wait for the iPhone 8 Before You Purchase the iPhone 7

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With the iPhone 7 having been debuted last week at Apple’s most recent keynote event, this advancement in technology is already old news. The iPhone 8 is where it’s at.

Yes, that’s right, the iPhone 8.

Now, these might all be just rumors, but so was the removal of the headphone jack at one point.

The main theory as of now is that the next iPhone will be making such a big jump from the iPhone 7 in terms of design, that Apple might just skip the “S” series all together and call their next phone the iPhone 8. The idea seems even more plausible when you add in the factor of next year being the 10th Anniversary of the iPhone.

The “big jump” in terms of design? A full blown touch screen: no visible home buttons or speakers in favor of one big screen at the front of your phone.

That screen better be shatter proof, though, or Apple’s going to have a lot of angry customers on their hands.

For a full round of all of the iPhone 8 rumors, and remember, they are still just rumors, watch the video below.

[Via Brobible]

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