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College Students in Toronto Held a Candlelit Vigil for Harambe

Alas poor Harambe, I knew thee well…

It looks like there are people out there other than the internet’s trolliest of trolls that miss our fallen gorilla friend.

At Ryerson University, a college in Toronto, students gathered for a candle lit vigil to honor our lord and savior, Harambe. The event was massive, complete with a prayer, shrine, a massive dildo that represented the world’s dick out in respect, and live band.

The beautiful prayer featured glorious passages, such as,”Thou who art in heaven, Harambe be thy name,” and “Give us this day, our daily Banana.”

Honestly, these videos make me want to enroll in school and do the whole undergrad experience again, just to witness something as creative and educational as this.

Remember, #DicksOutForHarambe !

[Via Brobible]

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