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Remember 2016 With the Most Powerful Photo Stories From the Year

As we say goodbye to 2016 and welcome a new year, what better way to commemorate the past than with 12 of the most powerful photo stories witnessed within the last twelve months? While many are glad to see 2016 go, it doesn’t mean some good didn’t come from the year. From a ballet program in Kenya to the real-life mermaids of Korea, some powerful subjects emerged in the photography world. Here are 12 of the most powerful photos discovered and shared by the Huffington Post this past year:

These photos of the ballet program bringing strength to one of Africa’s biggest slums:

Fredrik Lerneryd

This series that featured the last generation of Haenyo, Korea’s real-life mermaids:

Mudo Kim

The nude photos that celebrated the fact that “big and beautiful” people have love stories, too:

Substantia Jones

The aerial photos that captured just how differently the rich and poor live:

Johnny Miller

The historic photos that reminded us what the North’s fight for civil rights looked like 50 years ago:

Charles Brittin

The photos that followed 12 couples over three decades in a unique study of aging:

Barbara Davatz

[via Huffington Post]


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