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12 Things to Remember When Traveling Abroad

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Vacationing to a foreign country can be stressful. But don’t let that discourage you. Here are 12 travel tips to remember when traveling aboard.

Trust Your Concierge:

No matter if you’re staying in a fancy hotel or a dingy hostel, you always want to speak with your concierge if you need some advice. It doesn’t matter if it’s sites, nightlife, or both. Tell them exactly what you are interested in. In turn, they will give you their opinion on where to go and how to get there. They are your gatekeepers to the city.

Greet others in the Native Language:

Nothing is more obnoxious than walking into a café and expecting everyone to speak English. In reality, in many popular Western countries, they do. However, this should not be the expectation. Instead, learn a few basic commands and phrases. It will show that you are trying to be polite, even if your accent sounds like nails on a chalkboard.

Carry a Map:

It sounds almost archaic, but a map is essential when you don’t have things like Google at your fingertips. It can be very useful during sightseeing as many important places are noted, and you can also have your concierge mark a couple of spots. (See Above).

Utilize Screenshots:

If you don’t want to look like too big of a tourist, there is also another solution. When you are able to get Wi-Fi, search for some locations you would like to visit, and then screenshot the maps as images. This will serve useful when going out, or trying to blend in without the high cellular rates.

Use Your Cellphone for Essentials:

You just don’t have the battery life to support a day at the sites and a night out. Use your phone for essentials like texting fellow travelers (at a price), writing notes on where to go, and looking at screenshots of maps. Can you take pictures? Sure, but don’t spend 20 minutes picking a filter on Instagram. Wait till you get on Wi-Fi. Besides, you’re not even in the same time zone.

Eat Something Different:

Part of experiencing culture is the cuisine. You need to try the specialties and the rarities. They’re almost always delicious, although, I do not recommend fish eye. It’s disgusting.

Go Out Every Night:

It doesn’t matter how early you have to wake up the next day-you must experience the nightlife. It is an important part of a destination’s personality and people. Whether you’re getting obliterated or drinking club soda, go out.

Meet Locals:

Everyone always says it, but not everyone does it. It can be awkward, but usually people are very kind …just make sure you approach the right people. Someone you wouldn’t go near in The States probably wouldn’t be a decent person to make friends with in a foreign country.

Prioritize Your Activities:

You can’t see everything and you don’t have to. To get a good taste, you’ll need to figure what better suits your interests. From there, you can see what you want, without feeling empty when leaving.

Travel Light:

Do not over-pack. Before leaving, have a rough idea of what you’ll be doing, and then include some extra for spontaneity. To save some suitcase space, roll your clothing, rather than folding it. Oh, and also leave some room for souvenirs.

Don’t Overstuff Your Vacation:

Everything so far on this list has been about getting as much as possible out of your trip; however, there is a fine line. For example, when traveling to several different cities, always try to allot at least 2-3 days per place, otherwise you’ll just go home with the memory of a blurry glimpse.

It’s a Vacation:

Relax and enjoy yourself.

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