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This ‘Stranger Things’ Childish Gambino Mash-Up is Something Out of the Upside Down

Image via Deviantart

We already know that Childish Gambino’s tunes were already straight fire. But, combining them with the Stranger Things theme? It’s fucking lit!

Soundcloud user and certified musical genius kmlkmljkl  decided to mash-up Childish Gambino‘s vocal track in his song “Bonfire” with the opening theme song to “Stranger Things,” which was written by the band S U R V I V E (AKA Michael Stein and Kyle Dixon).

The result? Goddamn magic:


The track was uploaded about a month ago, but it gained traction over the past 24 hours.

This track is a must for anyone’s Halloween playlist. Hell, someone better request this in the club.

[Via Elite Daily]


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