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Vine Biggest Stars Begged Twitter for Millions to Try and Save the App

Vine is dead. Though you can currently still make posts on the app, Twitter announced last week that they’re discontinuing the app within the next few months, as the amount of users has heavily declined over the past few months.

The worst part of it all? Popular Viners knew that the app was losing it’s mojo, and even went to Twitter to propose the solution to the problem.

Too bad that their “solution” screamed a bit “money hungry.”

According to Mic, las fall, 21 of Vine’s top 50 creators met with Karyn Spencer, Vine’s Creative Development Lead, and other representatives from Twitter in attempt to save the app. Some of the (former) Viners at the meeting included Marcus Johns, Piques, Jerry Purpdrank, Christian Delgrosso, Curtis Lepore, Alx James, and DeStorm Power.

“The stars had a proposal: If Vine would pay all 18 of them $1.2 million each, roll out several product changes and open up a more direct line of communication, everyone in the room would agree to produce 12 pieces of monthly original content for the app, or three vines per week.”

OK, I get needing funding for camera equipment to film or certain software to edit your vines, and asking for, let’s say, a few thousand dollars for those costs is understandable, but, do you really all need a million dollars EACH to make content on an app that a lot of less popular users make for little to no cost? Vine was a free app, for fucks sake. If you think your loyalty is worth $1.2 million dollars just so you can make mediocre videos, then you need a fucking reality check.

And now they’re acting all smug that Vine is being discontinued because they “proposed a solution.” No, you proposed a contract to a free app to be paid $1.2 million dollars or you would walk. You are all social media celebrities who mostly get views for looking pretty, not for your content, so please stop pretending you had it all figured out.

And I also get the need  for a filter for terrible comments, but, no one was going to take proposition seriously after you wanted a million dollars. You were already making that money from ad revenue, so it’s time for you to pull a Vine, and go.

[Via Engadget]


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