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13 Things I Automatically Assume When a Guy Tells Me I Should Smile More

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I don’t know why this happens, but it happens a lot. You’re minding your own business in a café or a simply walking down the street and a random AF guy tells you that you need to smile more. Or, you’re on a date and the guy you’re sitting across from says to you “you have such a beautiful smile, you should smile more.” My instant react is to throw a cup at his head, but that’s excessive, right?

Men, please stop saying this to women. Please. It’s condescending, it’s stupid, and to be frank, we kind of think you’re pathetic. Whether it’s a way to attempt to pick her up or you’re simply lending your opinion when nobody asked, there is no need for you to tell a woman to smile more. I’m sorry dude, but who are you?

To be honest, a lot of things go through my mind when a guy tells me to smile more. Here are a few of those things:

  1. He hasn’t gotten laid in so long that every pick up line he’s ever heard has disappeared into oblivion.
  2. He hasn’t actually spoken to a woman in years.
  3. He’s on prozac.
  4. He’s drunk and confused.
  5. That he might be gay and he wants me to smile to make sure that he’s really not attracted to women.
  6. He’s been online dating for way too long and that’s literally the only thing he has left to say to a woman.
  7. He really thinks that I might actually sleep with him in which case he’s also insane.
  8. That he’s underage and has no idea what he’s doing.
  9. He actually wants me to smile which makes him even more annoying.
  10. He’s high and thinks someone smiling is funny.
  11. That he’s watched one to many rom-coms where he thinks that shit works.
  12. He made a bet with his friends to see whether or not I’d tell him off.
  13. He’s just a moron, like in general.
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