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8 Items You Should Immediately Remove From Your Packing List

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Packing lightly is an art. And for those of us who tend to overpack, you know just how difficult it can be. The problem is there are many items we think we need, but when we ultimately arrive at our destination—we hardly touch. The good news? This is an issue that can easily be avoided, and you’ll only have to make a few sacrifices along the way. Here are 14 items to immediately remove from your packing list. You’ll thank yourself upon arrival:

All Those Clothes

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I promise you, you won’t need that extra, bulky sweater just in case the weather cools down. Also, if you’re going somewhere with a laundromat—take advantage! Re-wear, and wash. Wash, and re-wear. Save yourself some serious bulk.


This is one of those things you can always buy when you get there, along with lotion, toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner etc.


This isn’t a necessary clothing item, and considering how heavy they are and how much space they take up—why not replace them with a pair of leggings instead? But if you’ve gotta bring jeans, just bring one pair.


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While you’re traveling it’s always nice (and necessary) to have some entertainment. And as a book junkie, I know they might be a painful one to remove from your list. But this is what Audible is for! Books are heavy and they take up quite a bit of room in your suitcase, so if you’re really looking to pack light—this might just be a necessary sacrifice.

Nail Polish

Is it really necessary to bring along all 12 shades of your nail polish collection? Do your nails before you depart and leave your manicure kit at home.

Hair Dryers and Straighteners

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Again, perhaps this is a sacrifice for some—but these are some of the biggest and heaviest items in your bag and they gotta go. If you’re visiting friends, ask to borrow your host’s hair supplies on arrival. If you’re staying at a hotel, they will usually provide a hair dryer. And if you’re roughing it, well—rough it.


Again, a bulky item that just isn’t necessary. If you’re traveling somewhere where rain is expected, perhaps wear your raincoat on the flight so you will be prepared before stepping off the plane.


If you’re really picky about your pillows, or perhaps a little paranoid about germs—just bring along a pillowcase rather than an entire pillow. This item will take up far too much space in your bag, and I guarantee it won’t be worth the lug.

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