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17 Men Tell Us Why They Get Nervous Before First Dates


First dates are naturally uncomfortable. No one knows what to say or wear or eat or drink; it’s awful. They’re one of those things that humans do to themselves that the internet should have fixed by now. But we do them. Sometimes they work out and lead to more dates, but most of the time we go home and eat hot pockets because the food at the fancy restaurant was too expensive.

Anyway, we asked 17 men why they get nervous before a first date and here’s what they said.

“First dates are just two people judging the shit out of each other on so many different levels. You’d be stupid not to be a little nervous.”-Stephan, 32

“I have nightmares about the kiss after the first date. It can be the most awkward thing in the world.”-Warren, 28

“I get too ahead of myself. If I like the person, I immediately start thinking about the future and freak myself out.”-Dylan, 22

“I always think I’m going to say the wrong thing. Sometimes I talk on dates just to talk and that can be bad.”-Tom, 19

“I’ve just had so many rough first dates. I’m scarred for life.”-Elijah, 26

“I never know if I should be super open and honest about myself or keep some of that for later. I don’t want to freak anyone out.”-Lance, 39

“I heard recently that some girls just date guy’s to get free food, and now I’m super afraid of that happening to me.”-Chad, 21

“I think first dates are just rough in general. There’s more than a 50% chance it will be bad.”-Cyrus, 27

“Small talk is lame. I hate asking about jobs and colleges and hometowns, but that’s what you have to do.”-Christian, 31

“It’s just so awkward. There’s no way around that for me.”-Vic, 27

“First dates are never fun for me. You don’t know the person well enough to have fun.”-Nathan, 34

“Sometimes I get nervous I’ll run out of things to talk about. That’s a common problem for me.”-John, 28

“Sometimes you don’t even know if you’re on a ‘date’ or not. That’s a real nightmare.”-Amon, 35

“I don’t want her to think I’m boring but I don’t want to overcompensate either. You have to find that sweet spot of trying but not trying too hard. It’s terrible.”-Marc, 25

“It’s like a job interview. You’ve got to be confident and cocky, but not too much. Talk about your strengths and play down your weaknesses. Job interviews are stressful and so are first dates.”-Max, 36

“There’s just too much guesswork involved. Do I pay for everything? Is she into me? Is she having fun? It’s nerve-wracking”-Preston, 21

“There’s so much to consider. What do I wear? Do I wear a suit? I don’t want to be overdressed. What if the place I picked isn’t cool? It’s just too much stress.”-Zach, 27

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