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17-Year-Old Builds a Rapping Robot With 6,000 Kayne West Lines

A West Virginia high school student went through all of Kayne West’s discography and pulled lyrics to program into his artificial bot. The artificial being is capable of rhyming on its own, and apparently, it was all done on a dare from classmates.

Robbie Barrat, 17, said he was given a week to create a neural network capable of rapping after he was dared by classmates in the school’s programming club. Barrat offered an explanation of how it works on his GitHub page.

“It’s a neural network that has been trained on rap songs and can use any lyrics you feed it and write a new song. It now writes word by word as opposed to line by line.”

Barrat used Linux software to input 6,000 Kayne West lines and the neural network PyBrain that’s powered by the programming language Python to bring the bot to life. At first, the bot could only rearrange existing lyrics Barrat put in, but now it’s capable of writing new lines word-by-word, making all new songs.

Check out some of the bot’s lines on Barrat’s GitHub page.

[Via Complex]

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