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Trump Staffers Face Loyalty Test During Russia Investigation

trumpFoolishly thinking they could earn Trump’s respect, many of his aides keep defending his lies. Lawyers are now reminding his aides not to lie in order to protect Trump. Aides like Paul Ryan constantly flip-flop their statements in order to make Trump seem capable and sane. Sean Spicer has defended Trump since day one, rewording and making Trump’s claims sound better. With the Russia investigation still in the news, his aides are now walking on hot coals when answering questions.

According to Politico, lawyers are warning their clients to be prudent when defending Trump as they will not be protected from a criminal investigation.

“Efforts to concoct a story to protect somebody are almost inevitably doomed to failure,” the attorney explained. “All you do is create liability to yourself that didn’t exist before.”

Special counsel Robert Mueller is continuing the Russia and Trump administration investigation. The investigation involves various business dealings and series of interviews and document requests. Those involved in the Trump administration will face difficulties during these investigations because of the risk of going to jail.

Trump aides are aware of how effective loyalty is when it comes to the presidency. Loyalty is treasured, and Trump does not make his demand for loyalty unknown. He even demanded loyalty from Comey in response to one of the Russia investigations.

People involved in Trump’s inner circle are being held to the fire during the investigation. His son, Donald Trump Jr. spent hours discussing a meeting from June 2016 in Trump Tower. The House Intelligence Committee is holding Michael Cohen, one of Trump’s attorneys, under subpoena for documents. Paul Manafort is another big name being investigated. All of their loyalty, specifically Trump’s own son, is being questioned.

Trump feeds off his aides like a parasite. He gains strength from their weakening. Trump demands loyalty, but does not make it easy for his staffers to do so. It is hard for some of them to comply when he makes himself look worse every single day.  The foolish defense of Trump undermines all of his staffers dignity, and sooner or later they’re going to realize he doesn’t care about them.

[via Politico]


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