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19 Reasons Having a Dog Can Save You From Basically Anything


Everybody knows that dogs are the best thing to ever exist on Earth. But what many people don’t know is that dogs make our lives better in more ways than you think. Here are nine reasons that dogs can save you in essentially every situation.

You become more active

Having a dog requires you to become more active.  You need to them out on walks and play with them outside frequently to keep them happy and healthy. Having a dog in that sense makes you happier and healthier too.

Improved social life

Having a dog improves your social life too. You have a lot more opportunities to meet new people who also have pets, like at dog parks. Having a dog is pretty much the perfect icebreaker for meeting new friends.

Heightened mood

Dogs can do wonders for improving your mood when you’re feeling down. They offer you emotional support just by being around you. So if you’re not feeling your best and need some help, a dog can save you.

More responsible

Taking care of a dog is a lot like raising a kid. You have to feed them, bathe them, and make sure they’re not in harm’s way. It requires a lot of responsibility, which can be a great teaching tool for someone who’s looking to become more responsible.

Man’s best friend

Dogs can help you become more extroverted by making new human friends outside of the house, but they help you if you’re introverted too. You don’t even need to leave the house to be with your friends when you have man’s best friend with you inside.


Depending on the breed of dog you have, you can have a living breathing security system in your house. Dogs are incredibly loyal and protective, so they’ll keep you safe from intruders or other people who are trying to hurt you.

Built-in vacuum

If you spill food and you’re too lazy to clean it up, a dog can save you. As long as it’s food, your dog will clean up any mess they see, saving you from having to take out the vacuum cleaner and the mop.

Physical health

Dogs can be trained to detect certain cancers and low blood sugar as well as prevent seizures and eczema. It might not always save you a trip to the doctor, but it can definitely help you keep track of your own health, which can ultimately save your life.

Extra parent

If you have kids at home, dogs can significantly help take care of kids too. Studies show that children raised in a home with dogs grow up to be more sociable and kind. If you’re a parent, getting a dog can lift some weight off of your shoulders.

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