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2017 ‘World’s Ugliest Dog’ Crowned; A Wrinkly Neapolitan Mastiff Wins With Her Inner Beauty

The 2017 World’s Ugliest Dog competition was held last weekend and a wrinkly Neapolitan mastiff, Martha, took the $1,500 prize home alone with a now shattered ego. The shock is not that we actually hold a competition crowning dogs ugly, but its the dog that won; she’s actually really cute and extremely wrinkly.

You would expect, and it typically happens, that ugly deformed hairless dogs take home the crown, but in this case they chose a dog that is actually adorable. Chinese Crest dogs are always the front runners, mainly because they look like Gremlins, but also because they have won in the past. But instead, they give it to sweetheart, wrinkle-covered Martha, who is completely undeserving.

Martha is 3-years-old and weighs about 125-pounds, but its actually small for Neapolitan Mastiffs. Martha is a rescue dog who was nearly blind when she was found and has since undergone multiple surgeries to restore her eyesight. If you look at this breed and think it looks familiar, you might know the breed better as Hagrid’s hound in the Harry Potter series.

How is this face the face of the ugliest dog of 2017!? Here’s some of the other, more deserving, dogs who competed:

A 16-year-old Brussels Griffon-pug mix came in second this year, and a 14-year-old Chinese Crested-Harke mix that flew all the way from the United Kingdom came in third place.

The dogs were judged on 4 criteriums: audience reaction, first impressions, personality, and unusual attributes. The crows loved Martha from the beginning as she was dragged on stage then decided she was over in, laid down and took a nice gassy nap as her self-confidence is shattered right in front of the hundreds in attendance.

Not that Martha cares, but being crowned 2017 World’s Ugliest Dog she will receive $1,500 and will take her ugly tour to NYC and appear on morning talk shows. But after seeing what Martha did during the competition, I wouldn’t be surprised if she took this time to nap again; being an “ugly” dog is hard work.

[via BroBible]

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