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25 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Proposing to Your Significant Other

Getting married isn’t the only part of a relationship that’s a huge commitment. Getting engaged is, in my mind, an even bigger commitment. You’re getting down on one knee and asking someone to spend their entire with life with you. In that moment you realize that you’re going to be with this person forever, you’re going to raise a family with them, you’re (hopefully) going to be with them until your dying die.

Yeah, that’s a big ass commitment.

Obviously you need to really think about whether or not you’re ready to propose. You need to take everything into consideration when popping the question. So, before you do, ask yourself these questions.

  1. Can you imagine living your life without this person?
  2. Do they make you better?
  3. Do you laugh together?
  4. Can you see yourself being a part of their family?
  5. Can you see them being a part of your family?
  6. Do you want to raise a family together with them?
  7. Do you have the same goals, values, aspirations?
  8. Do you actually like each other, not just love each other?
  9. Is this person your best friend?
  10. Have you talked about all of the important things moving forward?
  11. Have you lived together before? That’s important. 
  12. Do you feel pressured to get married?
  13. Does your significant other get along with your friends?
  14. And do you get along with their friends?
  15. Are you in this for the long haul?
  16. Do you understand the meaning of marriage?
  17. Do you really, really, love this person?
  18. Most importantly, are you sure?
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