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2Chainz’s New Music Video Has an Awesome Surprise Guest: His Mom!

Sure, you love your momma, but have you ever showed your appreciation for your mom by writing a song about her and putting her in your music video? Well, that’s exactly what 2Chainz, YG, and Offset did for their collaboration on the song “Proud,” which you guessed it, is about trying to make your mom proud of you.

In fact, that’s the song’s main line: “I’m just tryna make my momma proud,” 2Chainz raps. In the video, his momma (and grandma!) mouth along. “I ain’t tryna let my momma down,” he continues. The video also features a few children mouthing along, as well as YG and Offset’s moms.

Did Drake just get one-upped? He told us he only loved his bed and his momma, but I think 2Chainz might have him beat for now. Also, his mom is a natural- can you imagine your own mom in a rap video?

This is my favorite music trend of 2018. I personally would’ve waited until Mother’s Day, but it’s always the right time to show your mom some love.

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