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32 Questions to Ask Yourself When You Can’t Deal With People Anymore


Sometimes people feel like they are the worst. And I don’t mean person, I mean people. No matter who it is, people who cross your path just begin to feel like obstacles. The negativity within yourself morphs your perceptions of people, and you assume the worst of any and all who come in contact with you. You simply can’t deal with people anymore.

In such a trying time, one must begin to ask oneself questions; you must plant your ass under a tree and begin to ponder the mysteries that swirl within your subconscious. Allow the cosmic aether to envelope you, and search the inner fathoms of your psyche to pluck the root of negativity from your wilted garden of happy thoughts. Through meditative introspection, your garden will begin to flourish anew, resuscitated by an adjustment in perspective catalyzed by existential questioning.

  1. Am I hungry?
  2. Why am I always grumpy when I’m hungry?
  3. Am I just an asshole?
  4. Will people believe me if I blame my stomach for my mood?
  5. Why would anybody believe me about anything?
  6. Aren’t people untrustworthy anyway?
  7. Why should I believe them about anything?
  8. Is there anyway I can get food without dealing with anyone?
  9. Do robots deliver food yet?
  10. What else will robots be able do to?
  11. Will robots eventually learn to replicate human behavior?
  12. If so, won’t that mean I’ll hate robots too?
  13. More importantly, won’t that let the robots take over?
  14. Do humans deserve to become servants to robots?
  15. Wait, I’m human, huh?
  16. Doesn’t that mean I’ll be enslaved too?
  17. Do deserve to be a slave to robots?
  18. Have I done anything bad to warrant such punishment?
  19. Will the robots punish me for punching that busted vending machine when it ate my dollar?
  20. Does a vending machine count as a robot?
  21. Will robots have their own robo-caste system hierarchy?
  22. If so, will humans be at the bottom?
  23. Why did I start talking about robots anyway?
  24. Wasn’t I talking about how I can’t deal with people?
  25. But if I’m a person, doesn’t that mean I can’t deal with myself?
  26. Is the fact that I can’t deal with myself the root of my aggression towards others?
  27. Do I see the negative qualities of myself in others, prompting me to reject them out of fear of self-reflection?
  28. Will coming to terms with my flaws and appreciating myself help me learn tolerance for other people?
  29. Did I just accidentally enlighten myself through hippie-dippie introspection?
  30. Does that mean I don’t hate people anymore?
  31. What if I’m overthinking all of this and I really am just hungry?
  32. Where’s the nearest Chinese restaurant?
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