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34 Questions to Ask Yourself if You’re Thinking About Quitting Your Job

So you’re thinking it, eh? You want to pull the trigger for this job that you say you hate. You feel drained or maybe having an existential crisis. Fear not friend, I am here and your guide as you thinking about navigating the harsh and cruel waters that is unemployment yet again. Here are some questions you should ponder as you think about quitting your current job.

  1. Do I hate my job?
  2.  Do I like my job?
  3. Am I happy here?
  4. Do I dread waking up for this job?
  5. Do I want to work here long term?
  6. Am I having a quarter life crisis?
  7. Do I actually hate it here or am I in a rut?
  8. Is this the reason I drink?
  9. Do I like my boss?
  10. How much?
  11. Do I argue with my boss?
  12. Would I fight my boss?
  13. How often do I fantasize fighting my boss?
  14. Will I miss anything here?
  15. Will I miss anyone here?
  16. Is the money worth it?
  17. What is money really?
  18. It’s just paper, right?
  19. Will I be okay without this income?
  20. How long can I get by without this income?
  21. Have I saved up enough money?
  22. Is this job fulfilling intrinsically?
  23. Am I contributing something to the world by working here?
  24. Will I make career advancements here?
  25. Is this a dead end job?
  26. Is this job crushing my spirit?
  27. Am I better off without this job?
  28. How long will it take me to find another job?
  29. What is the unemployment rate again?
  30. How much more of my student loans do I have to pay off?
  31. Did I max out my credit card last month?
  32. What am I passionate about?
  33. Am I in the right career field?
  34. Is it too late to change? 
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