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4 Places You Didn’t Think Were Severely Threatened By Climate Change, But Are

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While we are more likely to hear about the rising sea levels threatening places near the water like Venice and the Maldives, the truth is climate change will devastate more places than just the ones with coastal borders. The Huffington Post recently pointed out 4 less obvious places that you may not have realized are also under serious threat—and when you learn the startling effects that these popular destinations are already facing, you will go green in no time.

The Alps

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According to the Intergovernmental Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, the region known from its snowy peaks and wintery views was already warming at about three times the global average rate over ten years ago. “Rising temperatures mean the Alps could lose up to 77 percent of their snow cover by the end of the century,” explains the Huffington Post. Chills, anyone?


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Alaska has been battling widespread floods due to underground permafrost melts. In fact, the flooding has become so intense that residents in at least three Alaskan towns are looking into relocating, reports the Huffington Post. Entire villages are also at risk of “falling into the ocean,” explains writer Suzy Strutner.

The Dead Sea

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The region surrounding the famous Dead Sea, a popular destination among tourists known for its gift of buoyancy, is facing its worst drought in centuries. So bad in fact, the beloved sea’s surface level is dropping by a meter with each passing year. Ever heard the phrase ‘time is of the essence’?

Phoenix, Arizona

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Climatologists have serious doubts that Phoenix will be habitable in the future,” says Strutner. Why’s this? No one is looking to live in 130-degree temperatures, and that’s what’s predicted for this city in the desert thanks to the impacts of climate change. Not to mention the fact that Phoenix has experienced unusually severe droughts recently, resulting in limited water supply and growing concern.

If you’d like more time to visit these beautiful destinations, it’s time to take action. Do what you can to battle climate change on your own. Here are six ways to get started.

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