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4 Reasons to Eat Your Heart Out This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is approaching fast. What will be on your table November 23? A white tablecloth or a paper tablecloth? Linen napkins or paper napkins? Do you have a center piece? Candles? Plastic forks or your grandmother’s china? Who are you sitting next to? Your second cousin twice removed? Your brother’s girlfriend? Your girlfriend? Your girlfriends second cousin twice removed? What’s everyone wearing? Did you all dress up or is it more casual?

These are all important things to consider, question, and answer. What’s more important, however, is to look beyond those details. It doesn’t matter how you dress the table, how you yourself are dressed, or who passes you the butter for your loaf of bread. What really matters is that loaf of bread. That’s right – that roll…the warm one. How many rolls have you had? Is that your first one? Your last one? Make it three, four. Fine, five! Thanksgiving is more than just an event, a reunion, a tradition. It’s a meal, and a good one at that. Enjoy it! Can you? Can you not? Are there repercussions? So what!


There’s nothing wrong with eating your heart out at any meal, but there is something about Thanksgiving…It’s a home cooked meal of your favorite dishes. Sure, you know how many pounds of turkey you placed in the oven, the amount of butter that was added to the mashed potatoes, or how much heavy cream went into the whipped cream. Still, Thanksgiving is once a year. Remember that! Indulge in the meal. Take an extra serving of turkey. Plop a second spoon of potatoes onto your dish. Add a second helping of whipped cream to your pie. It’s just one meal on one day during one part of the year. Have I made myself clear? You can splurge.


Did you diet the month before? It’s okay if you didn’t. What about the day of? Did you try fasting? What time is your Thanksgiving meal? When will dinner be served? Is it early? Late? Are you starving? Whether you dieted, fasted, or not – it’s okay to eat your heart out. For those who are conscious of their weight, relax. Again, it’s one meal. Can’t muster the courage to eat your heart out the day off? Think of it this way: start “dieting” tomorrow. Go to the mall and power walk. It’s Black Friday, remember? Or you don’t have to… You can always make your New Year’s resolution something to that accord.


Having trouble allowing yourself to eat your heart out this Thanksgiving? Think of it this way: you earned it! Did you cook the meal? Were you a participant in the boiling of potatoes or the rolling of pie dough? What about the shopping? Did you pay for the food? I’m sure you went to the store as early as possible and picked up your turkey the day off. Any job related to Thanksgiving merits a free pass. Did you carve the turkey? Did you set the table? Did you choose the paper or cloth napkins? Is it your responsibly to clear off the table and do the dishes? Maybe you traveled somewhere for Thanksgiving: drove a car, bought a ticket for the bus, train, or plane. Did you walk in the bitter cold to your neighbor’s house? Doesn’t matter! You made an effort and that effort warrants you to eat your heart out.

The nap

So, you ate your heart out on Thanksgiving? Wow! Great! How do you feel? Tired? Did you drink too much wine or have enough of those family dynamics? If you ate your heart out, it may just be because you consumed too much turkey. Really though, how do you define too much? Doesn’t matter. Just look forward to taking your Thanksgiving nap. You are satisfied, content, confident in your choice. Maybe you overate, or ate just enough to know you ate well. I’m glad you did so. Now, nap! It will be far superior than if you had just pecked the whole meal.


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