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4 Reasons a Person’s Social Media Will Never Tell You Who They Really Are

The Daily Beast

What kind of social media platform are you on? Facebook? Twitter? Instagram? Snapchat? Tumblr? What do you like about social media? Posting videos? Letting the world know “what’s on your mind” or what you ate for breakfast this morning? Log on and search old friends or past significant others! Check out all your notifications and be satisfied with the amount of likes or reposts.

Social media has become a trend. It’s a way to communicate with others, gain updates on individuals’ lives, and display who we are as social media users. On social media, we can look up others, “stalk” their profile and maybe, just maybe, add or accept their “friend” or “follow” request.

What if that user wasn’t truthful? What if that profile was tainted? How do you really know? You might not. As a social media user, you can manipulate what others see and what you want them to see. So…why can’t others?


Social media users typically have a “profile picture.” Maybe they have multiple photos – snapped by others or most likely themselves. What do you like about that person’s picture? The photo’s filter? Their pose? The landscape? Is that how they really look? Perfect? Social media pictures can be tailored. If they are not manipulated to an extent, they are still chosen. Users can be picky. They have the option to select a photo that may not be an actual representation of themselves.


How does the one person you are stalking really live? What is their lifestyle? Did they really enjoy that concert they posted a video of or were they too busy documenting their “good time” to actually listen to the music? Do they even like that music? What if their profile lacks those iconic red solo cups? Do they “party” or not? Maybe they have too many of those red cups but rarely pick up a drink. How’s their heath? Are they fit? Does it seem like? Maybe they just want to appear so. Maybe they’ve been picky in the pictures they post or the videos they upload. You can’t be sure.

Friends and Follower Factor

How many friends or followers do they have? 5? 50? 500? 5000? How many of these “friends” or “followers” like their posts? Some of them or most of them? The status of someone’s social media “friends” may not necessarily equate to real life. So…they received 475 likes. Wow! Great! It’s a great picture (even though you and I both know it is likely altered). Still, how many of those “likes” really belong to their close friends? They may have a strong social media presence but does that mean they have a strong presence?


What do they write on their platform? Do they provide live updates by posting on their forum’s wall? What does it say? Is it inspiring or annoying? How do they sound? Were they grammatically correct? Posts on social media are based on revisions. Again, the users pick and choose what they say given each circumstance. Is that truly how they speak? Would they say that to you in person? Posting something online holds a different weight than being in person. People have the ability to hide behind their words. It’s a powerful outlet so don’t be fooled.

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