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4 Things Everyone Needs to Come to Terms With When They’re College Career is Over


College really is the best time of your life. You’re out on your own for the first time, making your own decisions without anyone telling you it’s a bad idea. It’s like a right of passage from youth to adulthood. You make thousands of mistakes, find yourself, and grow into the adult you’ll become in your twenties.

It’s hard, but you’re going to have to let the college years go once you graduate. You don’t want to be the guy who hangs out by the high school four years after he graduated, and you don’t want to be the drunk who still lives with their parents at 30.

Yeah, it sucks big time, but it had to happen eventually. There’s no use trying to hold on to the past. It’s a battle you’ll lose every time. So here’s 4 things everyone needs to come to terms with when they’re college career is over.

The glory days of drinking are over

Throughout high school you were in training. Since the first weekend of college, drinking encompassed most of what you did, if you did it right. College you could do whatever you want. No parents, no rules. It’s the only time in your life you could pass out every weekend in an elevator and everyone would understand. If you do that now, you’re homeless. When you come home after graduation to mom and dad’s house, there are some rules. No post-games at 4 in the morning. No sleeping naked on the living room couch. No drunk sex with a stranger on said couch. You can still drink after college, you’re gonna need to, but you need to tone it down. Big time.

It’s time for some real responsibility

Getting a job is a given after you graduate, but there’s some more tedious things you’ll have to be on top of after college. Tax returns, haggling with mechanics, sitting alone at the DMV all day, jury duty and more things you never had to worry about. And don’t forget college loans. You might have forgotten that someone had to pay for you to skip all those 8 a.m. classes. You’re going to have to deal with interest rates and make sure you’re up to date on your payments. You don’t want to get a letter in the mail saying you missed a payment because you blacked out at the bar and spent all the money in your bank account.

You’ll be treated differently

You won’t get the pass anymore of being a student. You won’t be looked at as a stupid kid, but a stupid adult that’s expected to contribute to society. You’re not going to be sitting around with your friends all day, so you need to watch what you say. You’re gonna need to develop a filter again. People will have more of an expectation of you once you graduate. Not much, but more than you had just a year ago when you had to leave class to throw up in the bathroom.

The free ride is over

You were in a bubble during the four years of college. You’re only responsibility was to make it to class enough to pass and not to get alcohol poisoning. Now you’re expected to stop all the psychotic behavior and get an adult job. Your parents don’t want to see you eating Reese’s Puffs at one in the afternoon without a shirt on six months after you graduated. Put a shirt on, put the beer down, and work on that resume you haven’t touched in two years. It’s time to grow up and suffer like everyone else.

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