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45 Questions To Ask Yourself When You Feel Like Giving Up On Your Dreams

Life is hard. No matter what anyone tells you, anything worth having does not come easy. And that is including your dreams. Most of us have dreams, some are bigger than others, but having dreams is a natural part of life. Maybe you dream to have a certain job when you are older, or maybe you just want your dream wedding, either way you can make your dreams come true. No matter how crazy the dream, with some hard work and dedication anything is possible.

But unfortunately in life, things happen that derail us from pursuing our dreams. But it is important to take these derailments in stride and roll with the punches. The reason we have dreams is because this is something we love. It is important to never give up on something you love and have wanted since you were a kid.

If you are one of those people who are close to giving up on your dreams, here are 45 questions to ask yourself when you feel like giving up on your dreams:

  1. Why is this my dream?
  2. Do I still love this?
  3. Can I live without this?
  4. Can I live with myself if I give it up?
  5. Will I regret this?
  6. Is there anyway to keep my dream alive?
  7. Why am I giving up?
  8. Who can help me not give up?
  9. What else do I know?
  10. What else do I love?
  11. What are my other passions?
  12. Can I be happy doing something else?
  13. How can I carry on?
  14. Why was this my dream in the first place?
  15. Who is my inspiration?
  16. Am I making the right financial decision?
  17. Will anyone else benefit from my dream?
  18. Will anyone get hurt for quitting?
  19. How will my friends react?
  20. Can I talk about it with anyone?
  21. Will I get judged?
  22. Who has the same dream as me?
  23. Who can help me achieve my dream?
  24. What will my parents think?
  25. Am I a loser for giving up?
  26. Am I stupid if I don’t give up?
  27. Can I afford to give up?
  28. Can I afford to keep going?
  29. Is there anything I can do to save this?
  30. Can I come back to this dream?
  31. Is it time sensitive?
  32. Will this haunt me forever?
  33. Is this something I can pass to my kids?
  34. Will they like it as much as me?
  35. Have I ever given up?
  36. Will I be okay after this?
  37. Will this benefit my family?
  38. Was this dream ever realistic?
  39. Will I be ridiculed for my decision?
  40. Can I justify quitting?
  41. Am I just scared?
  42. Am I scared to fail?
  43. What’s stopping me?
  44. What inspires me?
  45. Who will be there for me?
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