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4chan is Dying, but Could Martin Shkreli be its Savior?

Martin Shkreli

4chan, the infamous image board that has brought us some of the dankest memes around, might finally be facing its demise.

On Saturday site owner, Hiroyuki Nishimura, posted a thread called “Winter is Coming” announcing that his site was out of money. Between the third-rate ads that nobody wanted to click on (4chan’s reputation is so bad that most major companies refuse to work with them) and the increasing use of adBlock to prevent these ads from showing up, 4chan just hasn’t been generating the ad money it needs to stay afloat. Nishimura has provided three potential solutions to help the site but none of them sound particularly great for 4chan users. They are as follows:

  • Half the traffic cost
    limit uploading image sizes
    use slower servers.
    close some boards
  • Much more ads
    pop-up / pop under ads
    malicious ads
  • More 4chan pass users
    more features

The “4chan pass” refers to a paid subscription service with advanced features, similar to YouTube Red.  Of the three solutions, this seems like the best but, in order to make a 4chan pass worth buying, Nishimura might have to limit some of 4chan’s regular features. This could make dedicated users feel like they have to pay to get the full 4chan experience which and, for many users, this simply isn’t an option.

All of these solutions are problematic in their own ways and it might require a combination of all three to keep the website up and running. This has users from the “politically incorrect” or “/pol/”  board especially worried, since they’d be first on the chopping block if 4chan took the “cleaning up their reputation” approach.

However, there might still be a way for 4chan to stay afloat without limiting employing ANY of these solutions! Certain celebrities (if you want to call them that) have come out in support of the site, offering to pay to keep it up and running. These include Marcus “Notch” Persson, the creator of Minecraft and professional asshole, Martin Shkreli. Nishimura has yet to accept either offer which is probably a good thing since it’s hard to take anything that Shkreli says at face value. What will become of the trolliest website around? Keep yourself tuned into NewsCult to find out!

[via arstechnica and GIZMODO]

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