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The 5 Best Places to Celebrate New Year’s Eve

What were you doing last year on December 31st? Returning or exchanging gifts from Christmas? Enjoying your time off from school or work? Planning out your outfit or activity for the night of? It was New Year’s Eve, remember! Did you have any plans?

December 31st, 2017 is approaching fast. Soon it will be 2018 and while you may be sifting through possible “New Year’s resolutions,” you may want to first consider your plans. For you, it may be easy. You know how you want to spend New Year’s Eve, who you want to spend it with, where you will be, and what you will be wearing. Sometimes, it can be more difficult to decide. What should you do? Who should you surround yourself with? Where can you go? What is more appropriate: a button down or t-shirt?

Having trouble deciding where should you celebrate this New Year’s Eve?


Tired of your hometown? Try traveling somewhere new – go on an adventure! Find a cruise! Discover a different city and what that city has to offer…on New Year’s Eve. Of course, there is the iconic Times Square in New York City. There, you may struggle to stand or find a bathroom among the crowd as you watch that “ball” drop at midnight. How loud can you count in a crowd? Can you even hear yourself saying “10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1…” or is that tall man next to you screaming into your ear? Too intense? It’s not for everyone. Travel to a different city: L.A., Portland, Las Vegas, Chicago, New Orleans! Find a firework show, but first, count down the seconds to midnight!

Bars / Clubs

Whether you are with friends, family, or a significant other – you all can always ring in the New Year at a bar. Drinks can be expensive, but it may be worth watching the bartender cut your ice cube into a perfect hexagon. Are you all dancing at a club? Was there a “fee” to get in? Does it even matter? Note the songs that are playing. Try to ignore the sweat in the air or the line to the bathroom. You are with those family members, friends, or partner that you trust, the people who will glare at the person to step away from you or wait with you in line for the bathroom.


It’s almost midnight – almost the beginning of the year 2018! Where else could you be? Find an event near you that will allow you to celebrate New Year’s Eve…differently. Feel like going on a nighttime hike? Find a trail or a “walking club.” What about bike riding? Put on reflectors and flashing lights and ride! You could even take a walk. Are you daring enough to go swimming? What about seeing a show or a concert? Stand-up comedy, anyone? Any kind of live performance event is one of the best places to celebrate New Year’s Eve!


You can also celebrate New Year’s Eve at home. Throw a small get-together or even a “rager.” Have everyone bring something – food, drinks, a game, New Year’s Eve paraphernalia. Turn the TV on and watch the “ball” drop or set a timer for 11:58 or 11:59, and initiate a countdown. Alternatively, spend New Year’s Eve at home with just one person. Make that person someone you would most want to welcome the New Year with and celebrate together!


Of course, you can always have an even more low-key New Year’s Eve. Whether you are at home or at someone else’s – consider celebrating New Year’s Eve with a movie night. Embrace a marathon – watch some “classics” or some “not-so-classics.” Will it be rom-com or horror? What about crafting or cooking? Get creative! Embrace some DIY projects! Form a circle and collaborate! Use glue, paint, glitter – (it’s New Year’s Eve, remember?). Knit (or finally learn how to!). Bring out some Board Games: Charades, Monopoly, Sorry, Trouble, Cards Against Humanity! Above all else – stay in your pajamas. Make it a pajama party! Yoga pants? Sweatpants? No pants? Celebrate New Year’s Eve low-key!

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